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Tell them why they should care. Tell them how their lives were changed. Excite them! Talk only about those things your audience is expecting to hear.

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This may sound obvious, but there are speakers who end up going off on a tangent and talking about something completely different. Some years ago, I witnessed a speaker making this mistake. He was due to talk about email marketing, but for some reason he started talking about Search Engine Optimisation for websites.

He then asked how many audience members had a website, and watched as only 5 put up their hands. So, did he go back to speaking about email marketing? For flow to occur, the task of listening should not be too easy or too hard. How often have you taken an online quiz to determine what part you would play in a bank robbery? Although you may not be planning to rob a bank in reality, this is just one example of interactive content. This adds a great layer of connection to your target audience.

It gives them something else to do while keeping them engaged. For instance, a scientific blog post about why the sky is blue can remain true for an incredibly long time. One of the reasons why these are so effective is because they can continue to generate visitors for an extremely long period. It gives you a conversational piece that can be reused again and again each time potentially targeting new users.

One of the more engaging aspects of social media is how well it all integrates with each other.

For instance, you can create a YouTube video and share it on Facebook with a click of the mouse. This means a single piece of content can be working for you in either platform.

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By integrating your social accounts, you have potential to broaden your reach while engaging a portion of those individuals. Quotes are among some of the most shared content on social media platforms. Many people see visuals with inspirational messages that cause them to act, share or comment.

This goes beyond simply making a meme. Events are a great way to gather a group of people to interact with your brand. Webinars, Twitter chats and even Google Hangouts can all be used to engage your target audience. Make the experience fun and educational. If you hold a live event in person, keep the updates going on social media.

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Sharing posts and photos from your fans on social sites adds an incredibly high layer of interaction. People love to be singled-out in such instances. Fans and followers are not the only ones you can show off, either. A lot of companies will showcase their employees while demonstrating pride in accomplishments. Sharing this information can then work great as a way to boost morale in the workplace. A lot of people and businesses alike will offer incentives for people to share. Authors in Wattpad will often use this by promising to add new content as soon as a story hits a certain number of votes.

If they share the content, they get something in return. Many eCommerce sites will deliver discounts and coupon codes to those who share products on social media. While many people will share your content because they find it valuable, others can easily be swayed by such incentives.

This shows that you are providing quality content no matter where you find it as a way to enhance user experience. If you contact those third parties, they may also share your material as well. People love to get to know businesses and other individuals responsible for products or services. Holding an Ask-Me-Anything may have potential to have a great turn out. This gives visitors a chance to get to know more about you or the company you work for. An AMA can be held in virtually any social media platform. Twitter, Facebook messages and even YouTube can all be used to host a question-and-answer forum.

These work exceptionally well because of the human need to understand. How often have you desired having your own radio talk show when growing up? The Internet can give you that ability while further engaging an audience. In fact, Podcasts have grown quite popular over the years. Approximately one in every five people has listened to at least one Podcast in the past month. You may even get a few paying sponsors if you have a popular broadcast. Some website management systems like WordPress even offer plugins to make the experience easier to manage.

Here are a few more ways to take advantage of social media engagement. One of the reasons why people will follow a social profile is because of the interaction itself. If you respond quickly to those who comment on your posts, you keep them further engaged and interested in the brand. This could hurt your reputation on the Internet.

It also helps to demonstrate that a brand can care about situations around the globe. For example, many companies who are going green will share eco-friendly content as a way to show the company cares about the environment.

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This can also be a great way to help out charitable organizations by bringing attention to the cause. This also helps demonstrate that the brand is operated by humans. Humor, intellect and interactivity all play into how your brand is viewed online. Add some pizzazz to your comments and inspire others to do the same. Yes or no questions can essentially end a conversation. You want to be personal and keep the interactions going.

It forces someone to actually put thought into the answer. Do you see the difference there? One can be answered with a quick, single-word response while the other requires more detail. Most people online want more of an interpersonal connection with the brands they trust.

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In reality, it can be one of the most influential parts of customer service. Get more out of the experience and put social media to work for you.