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Angel full of health, do you know Fever? Angel full of beauty, do you know wrinkles, The fear of growing old, and the hideous torment Of reading in the eyes of her he once adored Horror at seeing love turning to devotion? Angel full of beauty, do you know wrinkles? Angel full of happiness, of joy and of light, David on his death-bed would have appealed for health To the emanations of your enchanted flesh; But of you, angel, I beg only prayers, Angel full of happiness, of joy and of light!

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Angel of gaiety, have you known anguish, Shame and remorse, tears, boredom, and dismay, Vague horrors of the nights in which we languish, Which crumple hearts like papers thrown away? Angel of gaiety, have you known anguish? Angel of kindness, have you met with hate? Fists clenched in gloom, eyes running tears of gall, When Vengeance beats his drum to subjugate Our faculties, the captain of them all? Angel of health, have you beheld the Fevers?

Across pale walls of wards they limp and stumble, Like exiles wan, with agues, chills, and shivers, Seeking the scanty sun with lips that mumble. Angel of beauty, do you know Old Age, The fear of wrinkles, and the dire emotion, In eyes we've pierced too long, as on a page, To read the secret horror of devotion? Angel of beauty do you know Old Age? Angel of goodness, radiance, and delight, The dying David would have begged to share The emanations of your body bright.

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But all I wish to ask of you is prayer, Angel of goodness, radiance, and delight. Santa has visited early this year to bring some Christmas cheer.

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Go check under the tree, I guarantee you will smile with glee. Secret Santa is coming to town, wants to turn your frown upside down, wants to lift your spirits up high, so left a gift somewhere nearby. Merry Christmas from Your Secret Buddy.

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Who could it be? One day you will see. Happy Holidays from your Secret Santa! Must be Secret Santa. Merry Christmas I love being your Secret Santa.

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