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At the time, the band, we all lived near each other in Burbank. I think this was in either late January or early February of We were all pretty young and we all had agreeable personalities and honestly we were a little desperate.


I remember the set was a complete zoo. I stayed pretty stoned. We all did. The guy who was most involved with socializing on set was Lee.

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He always wanted to know what was going on, and, like I said, I spent most of my time in the trailer, either there or over at catering. I was onset about half the time, and the other half of the time, I was reading my Brautigan book. No one in the band ever looked at a script.

I barely remember Roger being there, but he was there the whole time, of course, and Russ too, of course, and the only other person we talked to was the assistant director.

I also remember one day that week, I forgot to bring my guitar, and I had to call our roadie, and wake him up, early in the morning, and tell him how to get into my place and get my guitar and then bring it to me on the set. Paul Marshall appears just to the left of Dolly Read.

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  4. And we were pretty impressed, they actually had all learned to look like they were playing their instruments and making it look believable, I mean, they were no Eric Claptons, but they made it work. My girlfriend came with me and we got all dressed up.

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    It was pretty foreign to me, and I left the movie feeling so ashamed. I loved the singer, Lynn Carey, what a voice, what a fabulous singer. The songs, I think, came out on the soundtrack but there was some kind of problem, a contract thing, I think, and there was another singer [Ami Rushes] on the soundtrack instead of Lynn. And it was then that I realized how to define joy. It was not an additional emotion; it was simply the subtraction of suffering. How odd, that what we seek as a basic human right, the engine that drives our every action, is shaped like a minus sign.

    Yes, less is more. While toothaches have come and gone in my life, headaches, figuratively speaking, have not.


    Sometime in my late teens a psychiatrist prescribed my first medication for depression, imipramine, which I stayed on for many years despite its limited, or perhaps nonexistent, effectiveness. Imipramine gave me a furred mouth and a clippety-clop heart.

    Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls meshes sex, drugs, rock music, violence and murder in one of the most stunning cinematic burlesques ever created, complete with a transsexual killer, a Nazi butler, and references to the Manson murders. With over 40 photographs, including 12 pages in full colour, an extensive introduction, quotes and production details.

    Known as "King of the Nudies," Russ Meyer was without doubt the most talented director ever to emerge from the world of "sexploitation" cinema. His film Faster, Pussycat!

    Beyond the Valley of Sex and Shopping

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