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The story revolves around the main character, John Worthing's, fictitious brother Ernest, which is the main source of the comedy in the play.

Whenever Worthing wants to leave his dull country life behind, he makes visits to the city posing as his fictitious "brother" Ernest. However, once there, he becomes smitten with the beautiful Gwendolyn. Meanwhile, while Worthing is in town, his playboy pal Algy is in the country falling for Worthing's young and beautiful ward, Cecily - all the while also impersonating Ernest! Pandemonium ensues when these two would-be Ernests find themselves face-to-face and in the predicament of explaining who they really are!

This is one of the best loved books of all time!

Through their dreams, plays, pranks, letters, illnesses, and courtships, women of all ages have become a part of this remarkable family and have felt the deep sadness when Meg leaves the circle of sisters to be married at the end of Part I. Part II, chronicles Meg's joys and mishaps as a young wife and mother, Jo's struggle to become a writer, Beth's tragedy, and Amy's artistic pursuits and unexpected romance.

Based on Louise May Alcott's childhood, this lively portrait of nineteenth-century family life possesses a lasting vitality that has endeared it to generations of readers. To better explain our science selections for the geography guide, I'll first share a bit about our overall science plan for high school. Our overall plan at this time is to recommend the following sequence for science in high school:.

Freshman: Integrated Physics and Chemistry Sophomore: Biology including anatomy in the course with Health as an additional semester course sophomore year Junior: Chemistry Senior: Physics. While you can certainly follow a different science path if desired, this particular sequence does have its advantages. This is because it is wise to have some chemistry before biology and also many states require some sort of physical science on the high school transcript along with biology and chemistry , which makes it is wise to consider how to gain the needed physical science credit whether the student takes physics or not.

Since not all future careers require students to take physics, taking an Integrated Physics and Chemistry course as a freshman fulfills the physical science requirement and frees the student from having to take physics unless desired later. This science path also allows students the option, during their senior year, of taking a field-related science i. For those who are unsure of their future career path, the science sequence we've listed above will provide the student with a solid science path that will be excellent preparation for any field.

Integrated Physics and Chemistry contains 12 chapters totaling pages of physics and chemistry related-topics. There are individual readings in the course, each taking up pages. All 12 chapters of the text are scheduled, resulting in readings a day on most days. The font-size of the pages makes for easier reading and the text is illustrated in black and white. The content coverage is very solid, as you can imagine with this many pages of text! This course is written by John Hudson Tiner, who has an incredible gift for writing about science in a narrative, living way.


Tiner writes about the lives of the scientists and the problems they sought to solve, which also makes his writing very biographical. Living books are also easier to narrate from. The publisher mentions that two credits could be awarded for the 12 chapters of coursework, with one credit for intro.

After having our own oldest son do all 12 chapters of the IPC course as a freshman, we feel with the time it took to complete the course that awarding only 1 credit is more in alignment with typical high school standards.

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We plan for science to take approximately 60 min. Since Tiner's text does not include labwork, in order to include a lab component we have incorporated the MicroPhySci Kit into the readings.

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This kit's description can be found below this course's description. The included manual explains each experiment covering:. Background - The background would be equivalent to a short lecture on the theory of the experiment. Materials and Equipment - Get the mentioned equipment out of the kit and you are ready to go. Any items not included in the kit like ice, sugar, hot water, etc. Procedure - Just follow the step-by-step procedure to do the experiment.

Results - Students answer questions in the results area. This gives students a better understanding as well as a record of their completion. The MicroPhySci Kit is designed to make teaching and preparation very convenient for the student. It contains all materials necessary except for a few common household items.

The kit contains sufficient materials to do every experiment five times. The Prentice Hall Classics line brings back some bestselling programs with an updated copyright. With Classics you can count on solid traditional instruction, a proven approach and sequence to the content, a return to your favorite program, and more value! Using a highly motivational approach to concepts, the texts include imaginative applications and clear problems derived from the real world.

These classic texts are perfect for honors-level classes or for anyone needing solid step-by-step instruction taken to the next level. We are using this program with our second oldest son and are really enjoying the step-by-step explanations and the throughness of the text. It is written directly to the student and provides plenty of practice problems rising in difficulty throughout the assignment. For those families who have come up through a different math path, you will want to be sure to have had the equivalent of Pre-Algebra prior to entering Foerster's Algebra I text.

This text is the best "teaching" textbook in written form that we've found after looking at all of the currently available options for Algebra I. If you like the textbook approach, and enjoy the benefit of excellent examples worked for your student and explained this text is one of the best. If you hit a roadblock with the text, there are also lessons available from Math Without Borders on a Flash Drive that teach each lesson in the text. We recommend beginning without the Flash Drive and then seeing if you need it later. The text also includes answers to the odd numbered problems in its Appendix.

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  8. A fully worked solutions manual for all problems is also available for purchase through Heart of Dakota, but only if you have also purchased the Student Text from us as well or have purchased a Heart of Dakota guide to use in teaching your students. This is due to the Publisher's regulations for proving that Solutions Manuals are purchased for homeschool use by homeschool families. Fisher Bibliographic Data - softcover, pages. No-Nonsense Algebra uses short, concise lessons to explain each topic in Algebra I in a way that is easy to understand.

    Multiple examples with fully explained step-by-step solutions, ample reviews built into each of the lessons, and chapter tests help students measure their progress and improve their test scores. Each lesson in the book has a corresponding online video lesson taught by award-winning math teacher and author Richard W.

    This math program works well for students who have struggled with math in the past and who are likely to find Algebra a challenge. It does not have nearly the depth of Foerster's Algebra I , but it does cover needed Algebra I concepts in a plain, no-frills fashion. Each Easy-To-Understand Lesson Includes: Helpful Hints Examples with fully explained, simple step-by-step solutions Written exercises Review built into each lesson to ensure mastery Chapter tests and a final exam allow students to measure progress Free online access to video instruction Each lesson in the book has a corresponding video lesson taught by Richard W.

    Fisher No Fluff! No Distractions! Due to the integrated manner in which VideoText teaches algebra, once you begin VideoText it is best to complete the course because all modules work together to teach Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, and Algebra II. The main components of VideoText are the video lessons and the worktext. However, unlike textbooks that may use a video supplement, in this case the video lessons "are" the textbook.

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    With each module of the course, you receive the video lessons each minutes in length, either on DVD or online , course notes, worktext, solutions manual, progress tests, and an instructor's guide with detailed solutions to all quizzes and test problems. Students will love the brief lessons and the clear explanations of concepts in VideoText Algebra. Our own oldest son used this program mainly on his own very successfully for Algebra I and II. If you desire a video-based Algebra I and Algebra II course, this is an excellent option to consider.


    What is the Lesson Format? Orta Bibliographic Data - pages Description: Our oldest son used this course as a gentle introduction to beginning Spanish.

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    Link to web page The Student Text is well laid out, including a summary of notes from the lesson, samples of effective writing, samples of ineffective writing, and clear rubrics to aid the parent in grading the student's work. Lewis Bibliographic Data - pages Description: Wormwood, a demon apprentice, must secure the damnation of a young man who's just become a Christian.

    Our overall plan at this time is to recommend the following sequence for science in high school: Freshman: Integrated Physics and Chemistry Sophomore: Biology including anatomy in the course with Health as an additional semester course sophomore year Junior: Chemistry Senior: Physics While you can certainly follow a different science path if desired, this particular sequence does have its advantages.

    Integrated Physics and Chemistry Activity Sample PDF The publisher mentions that two credits could be awarded for the 12 chapters of coursework, with one credit for intro. The included manual explains each experiment covering: Goals - The goals section outlines the major learning areas of the experiment. Help Centre. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Fiction Books.

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