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Kara Mangat, a design engineer from the store Anthropologie, came to talk to students about her job engineering designs from sketch to product. She spoke about how her company chooses fabric and clothing factories and how they build relationships with those factories and workers. The project required them to show cost analysis and consider overall impacts on all parties involved in their potential business. Students brainstormed ideas from the beginning and continually reviewed and edited their ideas through peer and teacher reviews.

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Students presented their personal ideas in a gallery walk peer review and were able to team up with peers after reviewing these ideas. Students pitched their business plans and cost analysis to students and teachers from our school community.

C-Level (C-Suite)

After the presentations, students reflected on the audience feedback. Those willing to put their time and energy into following through with their proposals will have the opportunity to join other groups and present new information they learned.

Students who receive the grant money will present their experience to the committee that oversees the Innovation Fund. The learning that happened behind the scenes in the classroom could not be summed up in their three-minute presentation. Whatever shortcomings the presentations had, students emerged from the project understanding their impact as consumers, their ability to be entrepreneurs, and the everyday implications of math skills and their important relationship to seemingly disparate disciplines.

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