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We hosted a big 21st CCLC Published Authors Event where hundreds of students were celebrated for their accomplishments and received their published books with beaming smiles and pride! The great thing about the program is that it embeds and focuses on 21st century learning. Kids are problem solving and using strategies to make decisions as a group.

21st Century Students

It allowed our youth to work on their literacy skills in a fun creative way enhancing their interest in learning. It takes a special program to reach beyond the intended curriculum and teach youth to be considerate caring individuals. The staff were so impressed by the outcomes they are considering implementing the program during the school year!

Students are engaged in thorough lessons, where they experience the process of publication from start to finish. The program can be implemented alone, but also fits beautifully with any other writing program a school or district may be using with fidelity. The children walk away understanding perspective and how to be flexible thinkers.

Pedagogy of the Twenty-First Century: Innovative Teaching Methods

That is invaluable. The positive impact of this curriculum for students, educators, parents, and communities is off the charts! The lesson plans and activities are offered at their fingertips to ensure that lessons are accessible and engaging. Our instructors are able to see the vision and buy into it, therefore offering our students a remarkable experience. It cultivates buy-in and meaning, especially when writing directly to children of their own community.

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As an educator, you're reading so many things throughout the day, you forget that there is a student on the other side who's really putting their energy, their effort, and their love into it. It's Project-Based Literacy! We often hear that students in STEM programs lack the communication skills to speak or write about their process and experience. With WRiTE BRAiN, students develop literacy and public speaking skills alongside critical thinking and problem-solving, equipping them to reflect on and take ownership of the experience of becoming an author.

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Students compose short and long-form written narratives in English and in their native language. They share feedback with their fellow authors. Students are given a pre- and post-project survey, a selfassessment checklist, and present narratives orally throughout the process. The robust WRiTE BRAiN curricula — along with rubrics, graphic organizers, vocabulary word banks, and newcomer scaffolding — develop skills in the areas measured by state tests nationwide.

We measure English language acquisition in four domains: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Each student tends to master language in that order. I have always had the philosophy that if you can get your students to love what they are doing, they will learn more and develop habits that will last their entire lives.

When you love what you are learning, you put more passion and effort into it. They are motivated to write their books, proud of their accomplishments, confident in their ability and eager to continue writing. I believe the secret to the program is the creativity factor.

The possibilities are endless. Brynne Baruch M. As a fine arts teacher, I know the importance of allowing students to be creative and watching them shine in the process. With these programs, our students have shown us that they only need a little guidance from us to produce wonderful masterpieces.

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In this hands-on training, participants experience the entire program as if they were students. Virtual Training: 2-hour, interactive virtual training, tailored to the needs of your program. It is a robust structured experience that can be implemented in as little as 15 hours or stretched to 27 hours or more during summer months or any other time of year! Call: 1. Students can collaborate with multiple authors sharing one kit, as well as write independently - each using their own kit.

The Adult Education curriculum of the WRiTE BRAiN BOOKS narrative and creative writing program is designed to help adult students prepare for literacy courses at the collegiate level and beyond in an inspiring way that disguises academic writing and makes it more desirable. The study was divided into two parts, with the first four weeks devoted to students co-authoring books in small groups and the second to students writing one book independently.

Assessments were made through pre- and post-surveys administered prior to the beginning of the class and at the conclusion. A project-based learning approach was used throughout the process. This study was prepared by Dr. Andria J. All research was performed and analyzed by Dr. His roles have included teacher, teacher trainer, curriculum developer, materials writer, director of studies, consultant, and author.

In addition, he founded and ran an award-winning private language school in Canada for almost ten years. He has wide experience in ELT, but specializes in academic English and, particularly, exam preparation. Currently, his focus is on developing innovative e-learning materials and writing textbooks.

Students as eBook Authors

He is the author of several ELT titles. This is his first book for National Geographic Learning. Part of the 21st Century Communication series. Instructor Components. Student Components.