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As she passed the bedroom that Timothy was using as a study she could hear giggling from the other side of the door. She paused and listened for a moment, a slight frown creasing her forehead. There was no mistaking whose voice it was; after all she knew it well. Mike appeared on the landing, wheezing slightly at the exertion of running up the stairs. Seeing her at the door his eyes widened and the colour drained from his face. He gripped the banister so tightly his knuckles turned white.

Two familiar faces looked back at her as she stood in the doorway. In the summer of , her holiday gets more exciting when she discovers a teenage pixie Jade, and a handsome inventor Zigzag in her London suburbs. A monster has escaped from their world, so Millie wishes for Moonflower Jones to come to life to help them.

However, once Moonflower discovers the truth about her tragic fictional origins, Millie must face the dark side of her role model and find the hero within herself to save her town and her new friends.

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Number 10 Author: Marisa Noelle Title: When the Raven Mocker Calls Blurb: Traumatized teen, Luna, desperately wants to cope without her other personalities and so starts a house fire to shock them, perhaps even kill them. Extract: Luna. Where was Luna? Her sheets spilled off her mattress and puddled on the floor. Her curtains blazed a trail of flames, mantling an open window. Aldo lives a double life, enforcing the law despite his sexuality making him a criminal. Can Aldo stop the conspirators while keeping his secret from those who would destroy him? Looking Aldo in the eyes, Orvieto thrust the knife at his chest.

Almost… intimate. Extract: It was all about pretence. A performance for his captor. Finn, the actor with decades of experience. His current role, give life and body to , the happy and relaxed tutor. A portrayal steeped in method obliterating the restrictions. The audience locked out of her sitting room theatre. He was alone on her stage with no one listening, no one watching. A forgotten hour of freedom, three times a week. A tough neighbourhood on the edge of a tough town. Kathy has lost her father and she and her mother are about to be evicted.

But Gabriel opens the door to a whole new world, to friendship, hope, and something out of the ordinary: a chance to experience life beyond poverty, beyond mind, even beyond the grave. Extract He walked past me to the door. I know your sort. Nighty night. Number 14 Lon E. Some of them belong to the Order of Hunters, those charged with assassinations. Pieter Strahd is one of them and he is given a mission to kill someone or the Twelve Worlds will sink into chaos.

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All of the together struggle against a mysterious force that could swallow all of the Twelve Worlds. The smoked goggles did little good against the glare. He reached out for the Void as a reflex. The teachings of The Historian are compulsory reading, leaving a divided population unsure of who, or what, is real. Despite all this, Bathis Mere is only concerned with his own misery. Searching for his estranged family, he will discover chilling truths at the heart of the Memory Vaults that force him to choose between his own problems, or those of the city.

At first they were empty, like the universe, but then they teemed with things which had learned to live on through death. In the freezing nights and blistering days, life was sealed in stone and sand—but it prevailed.

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To be a member brings protection, stability and wealth. Refusal of membership or expulsion brings the indignity of being declared Recreant. However, this tentative harmony is threatened from without and within. Fragile alliances are weakened to breaking point as an unseen enemy strikes without apparent motive or warning.

Against this backdrop of political turmoil, there are those who seek to exploit the situation for their own Machiavellian ends. Extract: The sound that Yolqun had originally thought was the noise of some gargantuan beast attempting and failing to clear its throat turned out to be the shuttles engines engaging.

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The hold of the shuttle was cold and uncomfortable, and it took him eight seats until he found a working seatbelt. Strapped in now and marvelling at the sheer majesty of the incredible view — four walls and a ceiling — he slumped back in his chair. The challenge — surviving the prophecy. Can he survive and raise his Kingdom above slavery and a church that craves power over peace?

General Rizario wants revenge, and he knows all the right people. Can he, himself see past the grief and rebecome the great General. Urelai must start a rebellion, his brother is dead, his country in shambles. I am not here to keep you silent nor to make false promises to you. I am here to make amends, to give you back your voice. I cannot promise you anything, except that I want change. I let all the breath leave my body, drawing it back in slowly. Blurb: This is a novel about the devastation that can be wreaked by those who love or have been loved dysfunctionally.

England, A man is convicted of a brutal attack on the person he believes kidnapped and abused his teenage son. But nothing is as it seems: in a group of broken individuals, each one affected differently by the ways in which they love and have been loved, who is really to blame? Extract: The parents are caught between abandoning me as too difficult, and taking the credit for who I am. As if they had anything to do with it.

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I am Morgan Vance. I am the person I was born to be and the person I always will be. I am smarter than you and everyone else you know. The parents want to take the glory. And blow it open.

And peel away the layers like an onion. Number 19 Jennifer Kennedy Galloping Catastrophe — A year in the life of a menopausal woman Pitch: Alexis Nightingale is menopausal and begs to feckin differ with anyone who tries persuade her it is anything but a repeat of the hormonal hell that was puberty but made worse by being no longer in the fountain of youth. She does not want to take up yoga or go on a silent retreat or take supplements made from an ants eyelids or whatever the latest fad is. She does not want to fade into middle aged invisibility.

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She wants, and is going to get, another bite of the very juicy cherry that is life. This morning I was walking back from the supermarket convinced I had forgotten something. I had made a list but I had left it at home — so had to rely on my menopausal memory.