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The Standard Model explains protons, neutrons, electrons and all the strange subatomic particles that go along with them, such as quarks, muons, neutrinos and the Higgs boson. If all the "normal" matter is in one valley, the dark world is in a parallel valley one ridge over, Liu said.

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It takes a tremendous amount of energy to climb that ridge, so particles in the dark world valley interact strongly with each other, but only slightly with those on the other side of the mountain. But some particles might be able to pass through that energy barrier from the dark world into the one we normally encounter via a process called quantum tunneling. These particles probably wouldn't be the dark-matter equivalents of stable particles like protons or neutrons, Liu said, but would perhaps be more akin to more unstable Standard Model particles.

It's those tunneling particles that the researchers are interested in finding.

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But these particles, if they exist, are rare, said Liantao Wang, a theoretical physicist at the University of Chicago. The LHC flings protons at one another at a dizzying pace, producing 1 billion collisions per second. Those collisions shatter the protons into massive numbers of known, Standard-Model particles. For scientists looking for the hidden sector, all those particles are mere noise. But after The Avengers , which was a monumental success, the studio then had to turn to continuing to build out its individual franchises. First up was Iron Man 3 , a fairly safe bet given the success of the first two movies.

But second out of the gate was a Thor sequel, following an initial film that had a few issues and a character that was still somewhat ill-defined.

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After securing Chris Hemsworth to star and Kenneth Branagh to direct the first Thor , Marvel was bullish enough on the project to begin preliminary work on a follow-up. Less than two months after Thor hit theaters in , as Hemsworth was in production on the Joss Whedon -helmed The Avengers , Marvel Studios not only officially announced Thor 2 but also set an ambitious July release date, giving all involved just two years to create a satisfying follow-up from scratch.

Given the time crunch, Branagh declined to return as director :. So Marvel got to hunting for a new director while Don Payne , who co-wrote the first Thor , got to work crafting a screenplay for the sequel though he would later be rewritten by Christopher Yost , Stephen McFeely , and Christopher Markus.

As opposed to hiring established names like Branagh, Jon Favreau , and Joe Johnston in Phase One, Marvel turned to less experienced filmmakers in its Phase Two films, opting to bet on fresh talents rather than pay larger fees for known quantities. As such, the first director eyed to helm Thor 2 and there would ultimately be three in total… was Brian Kirk. Kirk entered negotiations to direct Thor 2 in August , mere months after Thor hit theaters.

Jenkins did indeed end up signing on to direct Thor 2 , with Marvel impressed by her work on her Oscar-winning drama Monster.

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Dry is unity until the last bit of the sweep where it drops off entirely. The gain for both wet and dry paths can be set to taste via internal trimmers. This single knob is a global control for the completely separate tone algorithms on each channel. The Dark channel features a slightly resonant low pass lter on all three programs. The World channel employs a gentler, more traditional low pass lter with the Spring program having a slighter darker top end than Hall and Plate.

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This toggle is used only when both channels are active. Activates or bypasses each channel. These can be changed to a momentary bypass or momentary active via a dip switch in the back of the pedal if it is desired. This switch recalls presets.

Is the Higgs boson actually a 'portal to the dark world'? - Futurity

The right position recalls preset 1, the left position recalls preset 2. The middle position will always re ect wherever the knob positions, toggle positions, and dip switch positions are currently at. In order to save to the right preset slot, you hold down the right stomp bypass for 3 seconds, and then hold down both stomp switches simultaneously for another 3 seconds.

The LED blinks and your setting is saved.

For the left slot, you do the same thing, but hold the left stomp rst. If you recall a preset, and move a knob, you will notice that the LED above the toggle goes dim. This is to signify that something has changed on the preset. Tip goes to wiper. There are many expression pedals that work with Chase Bliss Audio products, contact us for more info.

This can be used to interface the pedal with a Chase Bliss Midibox.

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There is much more information on this in the MIDI manual. Input impedance of this device is 1M, and output impedance is less than 1k. If you need more wet signal, you simply turn the Mix knob clockwise.

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  • This will increase the maximum range of the expression pedal.