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So in these stories we have a host of characters discovered at vulnerable moments in their lives.

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Most of them are men, but they are often having thoughts about women, encountering difficulties with women, talking to a mate or to themselves about women. If they are young men, the thoughts may be hostile, dismissive and anxious, if older they can be loving, tender and sad. The waning of passion is a theme reiterated bitterly. The beauty is a little faded, as is, naturally, the mother.

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After some dark reflections about his own sexual initiation, Sean ruefully closes the story by mentally rehearsing sage advice for his friend. And then years down the road, look what you get.

England, My England and Other Stories

So — let it be a lesson to you. Wilkinson, who was a weirdo.

I was his undoing. I n the most arresting story in this new collection, a young boy offers a tin of Ajax to the next-door neighbour, who's come looking for a helping hand unblocking his drains. Reduction in all its forms is something of a theme in Graham Swift's collection, both in form and content.

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Over 25 stories he reduces his characters' lives to these snapshots; a freeze-frame suspended image of a moment that distils the essence of the life in question, reduces it to something small and, to an unknowing observer, seemingly inconsequential. There's the dried pasta aisle in Waitrose that stops a grown man in his tracks, painful memories of his soldier son recently killed in Afghanistan assaulting his senses.

England, My England and Other Stories (The Cambridge Edition of the Works of D. H. Lawrence)

The textual apparatus gives variant readings, and explanatory notes identify sources, references and quotations. The version of 'England, My England' is given as an appendix. The fourteen stories collected in this volume were written between and Convert currency. Add to Basket.

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