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See details. Both of them. Back to the rooftop chase, just one of any number of white-knuckle ride segments that lodge in the memory. The sequence demonstrates Naughty Dog's peerless talent for cinematic flair, often surpassing its movie inspirations for mastery of the action set-piece. But it also reveals another truth. Uncharted 3 is the most exciting game in the world, but only until you deviate from the script.

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Even in this chase the conflict between the developer's theatrical choreography and player-controlled interactions is clear. In order to ensure each set-piece is set off correctly, the game commits the cardinal sin of insinuating you have full control of your character, but in fact tugging you towards trigger points - making sure you're in the right spot to tumble over the bonnet of that braking car, for example.

Likewise, mistimed leaps are given a gentle physics-defying boost to reduce the staccato rhythm of having to restart a section. It's entirely understandable given what the developer is attempting to achieve - an unbroken flow of action that leads to climax - but, at the same time, beneath the spectacle there's a nagging feeling that your presence in the scene is an irritation rather than a preference. Your freedom of choice risks ruining the shot. Indeed, throughout the game, if you jump into an area you are not supposed to visit, Drake will crumple on the floor dead, Naughty Dog switching role from movie director to vindictive god.

That is not your predestined path: Game Over.

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This reluctance to give the player more than a supporting role can be seen in the use of one treasure at the core of the experience, a cipher-solving contraption once owned by Sir Francis Drake. Come up against a hieroglyphic that needs solving and, rather than giving you the chance to decipher the words using your own mind, your job is simply to press the button that pulls the gizmo out of Drake's pocket.

He handles the rest. Your role, here at least, is one of interactive butler. Frustratingly, you must always move at the script's pace. Enter a room with two giant cogs that need turning and Drake won't call over a comrade to help him until the correct sequence of cut-scenes has played out. The world is destructible, but only when Naughty Dog says so, and at times you cannot even un-holster Drake's gun, the developer simply disabling the button till the appropriate juncture.