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He gives no detail, so it is hard to say. Obviously the Christians he is talking to do not believe that Jesus rose physically, and he is trying to convince them. The fact that there were Christians this early in the game who did not believe in a literal resurrection is very important to me, and something that often gets overlooked in the conversation.

I really wish I understood more about religious beliefs generally during the period. I just don't think most people, taking for granted our modern understandings of things, can really appreciate just how much people believed in all kinds of supernatural things. There is nothing that said it was in "one spot.

See the following for one answer:. This study examines the early Christian mission s to the Jews, and attempts to determine, albeit speculatively, the number of Jews in the Christian movement in the first century. It is argued that the combined Christian mission was marked by a distinct lack of success. Neither the Law-observant gospel of the Jerusalem church nor the Law-free gospel of the Hellenists and Paul made much impression upon the people of Israel.

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Throughout the first century the total number of Jews in the Christian movement probably never exceeded 1 and by the end of the century the Christian church was largely Gentile. Does the Gospel of John say, "He came unto his own, and his own received him not"? Or does it say, "He came unto his own, and Jews converted on the very first day"? Thanks for the ONE source. BTW, I need the title of the journal in which this was published so I can request a copy through interlibrary loan--never mind!

Acts Howbeit many of them which heard the word believed; and the number of the men was about five thousand. Those who accepted his message were baptized, and about three thousand persons were added that day. Acts , as I read it, refers to some time however brief after Pentecost. And there are several further references in Acts to the numbers growing again.

So, we flip that around and say that 1,, Jews died in the fall of Jerusalem and when a critic of the Bible gives a much lower number we go for it. You won't hear from Pofarmer here. You can find him over here. Seems like abit of justice. I got banned from Quora because one of the critics couldn't deal with the truth. So you are saying Po got banned because Catholics couldn't deal with the truth? Are you also saying that your ban from Quora was just?

Your comparison seems ill conceived, lol. Yes, the "Lol" at the beginning of the comment should have been a hint it was said in jest. The fact that you upvote yourself makes you appear quite narcissistic, just fyi. That isn't to say you are a narcissist, it could have been an accident like the typo. So it's a lie to give you my subjective opinion of how upvoting yourself appears? How could you possibly see into my head and know otherwise? If you click the upvote button again, the upvote will go away, so there is a clear problem with your excuse. Here is another problem, you upvoted yourself 15 days ago.

There are more, but that is plenty to establish a pattern a prove your blatant lying. You have been caught red handed, and demonstrated a general lack of intellectual ability not realizing it would be so easy to prove you a liar. You, of all people, want to lecture someone else on the truth? I can't stand either. Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, 10nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God.

I don't believe for honest reasons, but I'm none of these though the homosexual stab offends me , so it seems I might stand a better chance of getting inheriting the Kingdom than you.

Obviously "You shall not lie" is one of the tend commandments. I realize personal attacks violate the comment policy here, but this seems well deserved, and I'll run the risk of having my comment deleted. If I ran the site, I would ban you for this, because I really do despise liars. You've got a lot of work to do if you are going to go back and remove your own upvotes in all these, and more cases.

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Edited to add blockquote in case he changes his comment. Also, I suppose it's possible that he has accidentally upvoted himself in tons of cases in the past without realizing it, and just now decided to "test" if he can upvote himself, but excuse me if I don't buy it, especially with someone so quick to call me a liar without warrant which I obviously find offensive. Now, if you checked more carefully, you would have noted that one post had an upvote, but the one above it did not.

If I had done the one on purpose, why didn't I do the one before it?!?

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It is really easy to catch a liar, in part, because they don't know how to analyze the evidence that is right on front of them. They assume way too much--possibly because they have an agenda to protect. If you were here, you'd see the cramped space I'm working it type on my taptop--the seat is also very uncomfortable after awhile. You'd also see all the typos I make in trying to post and how I catch most, but not all, of them.

Then you get the goofy popups that get in the way!

I'm with you on despising liars. Although that was within a minute of hitting the upvote. I didn't call you a liar--that would require me having the ability to read your mind--something I do NOT assume to be able to do. I simply noted that what you said was a lie. Sorry, I don't buy your story, and I made sure to blockquote what you said so you can't change it, as I don't trust you.

I'm sure you'll make the upvotes disappear, but I've been coming to this site for over a year and people here know me well enough to know I'm not going to make something like this up.

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You called me a liar for saying saying the way you subjectively appear from my point of view, then you say this? I think we need to add hypocrisy and "not practicing what you preach" to your list of vices. I've said my peace. That's because you are not willing to hear anything that is contrary to what you already "believe" to be true.

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Not required. If there were ANY truth to the fact that the resurrection did NOT happen, the Jewish leaders of the day could have taken people to the tomb and that would have been the death knell to the early Christian movement. The fact that Paul could appeal to the indicates that his readers knew who he meant--otherwise, again the Jewish leaders could have protested: "Who are these ? It's a letter to other Christians in Corinth, not to Jewish leaders in Jerusalem. The Christians in Corinth are very unlikely to travel all the way to Jerusalem to confirm people's stories, and they are very unlikely to question Paul, who is a leader in the early Christian movement.

The average person in Corinth knew a list of people in Jerusalem? You don't have to have a "list" of people. You ask him to name a couple or so, and when you go you ask around. I see And no.. I didn't miss the Jewish leaders comment. I said that 1 Cor. It was not published and distributed for Jewish leaders to see.

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It is nearly miles flight distance mi from Corinth to Jerusalem. A normal person walks about 3 miles per hour. Walking constantly, with only 8 hours per sleep a day would require 17 days of walking one way. Of course, people don't fly, so 30 days would be more likely. I'm sure people who could barely survive spent 2 months out of the year walking back and forth to Jerusalem.