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In my mind the shoes were a sort of fetish-inducing double whammy; there was the smell of her plus the idea that I was beneath her, figuratively, at her feet. She came over to get them before school started but in that week or week and a half that those kicks lived at my house, I acquired an enduring and expanding fetish now in its 27th year. Pitagora explains that for many, sexual fetishes originate during childhood when experiencing something visual or tactile results in a sexual imprint. Put another way, the seeds of my foot fetish may have been sown much earlier and it was the events of that summer that really made them apparent.

She notes that children are more likely to engage in feet tickling than adults and are lower to the ground and therefore more likely to see bare feet more than taller people. I ask Pitagora about what accounts for the subdivisions among foot fetishists: the sniffers, the toe-suckers, the sole lickers, the foot-jobbers, the people who like to be penetrated—vaginally, anally, orally—by a foot, people into stockings, folks who are into shoes and many other foot-related fetishes besides.

What is more generalizable, she says, is the proximity of feet and genitalia on the brain homunculus—the sensory map of the brain. The homunculus shows the parts of the body with the most sensory receptors, feet being one of those body parts with a massive amount of sensory receptors. Feet just so happen to be mapped very close to genitalia on the brain, so it also makes sense that there would be relatively frequent associations.

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Pitagora uses the example of people who enjoy foot massages and would consider them a romantic activity, but are not foot fetishists. Even after a long fashion month, I always manage to get a second wind the moment the Eurostar pulls into Gare Du Nord, but this season was especially exciting with so many new designers installed at the helms of houses -- Maria Grazia Chiuri at Dior and Anthony Vaccarello at Yves Saint Laurent, as well as Pierpaolo Piccioli's first solo outing for Valentino and Bouchra Jarrar's debut show at Lanvin.

Here are a few of my most treasured memories from this season.

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I'll be going home filled to the brim with ideas for the new issue, and certainly can't wait to get my hands on some of those collections Anthony Vaccarello debuts at Saint Laurent. What a start to the week! Anthony Vaccarello's debut Yves Saint Laurent collection was a fabulous take on an old house. Loved that the "Y" was back in the logo and the heel on those shoes! I can't wait to see how Anthony continues his thrilling transformation of this Parisian institution. Rihanna and Puma take Paris. I just had to share the wonderful moment when she hopped out to take her bow.

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I loved the collection: young, fresh and full of pieces everyone wants to grab and buy straight away. Love for the Louvre. Paris is so breathtaking in the daytime but, if it's even possible, I think it's more beautiful at night! I never tire of these views. They always remind me how lucky I am, and to savor every moment and look forward to the next. Backstage at Balmain.

The show itself was the absolute Super Bowl of fashion; an assault of fabulousness from creative director Olivier Rousteing.

He took us into the Balmain jungle, with a glamorous wardrobe to match. Sexy Males. Sexy Outfits. Sexy Photos and Artistic Nude. Unknow Cathegory. Anthro n' Furry 2. Anthro n' Furry II. Animations, Banners and Stamps II.

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Censored Works II. Comics, Strips and Stories II. Ebony n' Darkskinned related. Erotic Literature II.

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Expansion related II. Feet II. Futanari II. Hardcore fetishes farting scat guro etc II. Hypnosis II. LOL things II. Paizuri n' other "jobs" II. Pregnancy Fetish II. Sexy Clothes n' Outfits II. Tickling II. Unknown categhory II. Vore II. Voyeurists n' Exhibicionists II.