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I wrote three children's books in my Bertha Series and Two on Alzheimer's. I interview 2 authors each month feature their latest releases. Is an E book, Kindle and on Xlibris. Reply to this comment.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Michael Knight is at a dinner party and is approached by the host to deliver a Stradivarius to a specific buyer. But he and his wife would be the guests at a beautiful hotel and a free vacation and all he had to do was get the violin and deliver it to the purchaser.

This violin turned up in Romania and it is rare but there is a secret behind it and this one is more than special.

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Imagine a violin holding the code and having within it somewhere the location of a hidden treasure that leads back to the reign of Dracula. Haunting and mystifying some believe that it has been hidden by Vlad Dracula, whose reign led to the fabrication of the myth of vampirism. Why is it being sought after and why are Chinese, Russian and Romanian gangs after it.


They are centered in Boston and each one wants the code. Violence is in the air and Michael Knight is hired to find out where these treasures are and makes sure it winds up in the right place. Michael follows the historic clues to a violin shop in the Carpathian Mountains only to return there and find the owner harmed and the shop ransacked.

Things get tense when Michael must face the fact that he is now the object of three gangs who want the violin and each one will do anything to get it. What exactly is hidden beneath the wood and inside or somewhere on this instrument that will lead them to the treasure of Dracula?

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But Mr. Liu who started this off and is now gone asked the bank President Mr.

Change for a loan that must be repaid but how? Who is responsible and the violin was supposed to be turned over to Mr. Chang to give to the philharmonic for Mr. Tan to play it during a concert? Things spiral out of control when Knight decides to learn more about Mr. Liu, his death and then we uncover the secrets about Dracula, his hidden treasure and the real reason why so many are after it and why. Knight has another problem and that is the safety of his wife who is in hiding and when things and events cause her to be in danger, he must set some security in motion and hope that they will get there in time.

Knight is a lawyer and has connections with the aid of his law partner Lex Devlin and the Boston deputy district attorney, Billy Coyne, they work in tandem to try and uncover who is the mastermind behind the gangs, why he is now the target of the Russian, Chinese and Romanian gangs and where will the violin finally wind up.

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As we meet Mickey Chan again and the fat that the DA wants him in custody might take down the entire operation. Meet George is that is his real name who becomes an integral part of the investigation and who works with Knight to find out where the treasure might be, who is behind the murders and how to employ the code that is within this instrument that was created in order to uncover where the treasure is which explains why everyone wants it but it was promised to some orchestra and the maestro to use in his concert.

Lasovitch becomes another cog in the wheel that Knight hopes will bring him closer to the conclusion. He is ready to go after it and has every reason to believe he will succeed. Promising him the treasure, where it is in return for the safety of his wife, but will this man agree, or will he be in more danger?

Will this man call off his goons or will he lie and pretend to endanger Michael even more to get what he wants? Abbas Ataman created the code that was placed within the violin and it is a significant code. There are more people involved as we get to know Elena who is working with Knight and we meet Mr.

Elena might be the key to unraveling the code and understanding that it is ancient Turkish. Claiming and stating that it was written by Mr. Chang and accusations are made, truths come out and the person to whom he entrusted the million dollars is revealed as it all started with a million dollar bank loan and the violin as collateral. What will the outcome be? The X-Men then returned to New York. While the X-Men searched for a severely wounded Phoenix after Wolverine had stabbed her in the chest, they were attacked by Nimrod and formed an alliance with the Hellfire Club.

Later, Kitty re-calibrated Cerebro, for non telepaths to use, to search for Nightcrawler and Phoenix. Kitty, Piotr, and Magik rescued a weakened Nightcrawler from a gang. After being turned to X-Babies by Mojo , the X-Men battled the New Mutants until they were broken of their brainwashing and defeated the spineless one, Mojo.

The X-Men attempted to rescue the Morlocks during the indiscriminate massacre by the Marauders and the Marauder, called Harpoon , seriously injured the phased Shadowcat with his energy spear, as she leaped between him and Rogue. It also adversely affected Kitty's powers so that she could no longer regain her solidity and gradually began to dissipate. Kitty was sent to recover on Muir Island. Kitty's condition began to worsen and she was in danger of completely dissipating. Unwilling to watch her die, Magneto went to Reed Richards Mr.

Fantastic of the Fantastic Four to use a device that Mr. Fantastic had built. Unsure of the outcome, Mr. At that time, Dr. Doom presented his assistance and, under duress, Storm accepted. While having Psylocke mentally keep her mind together, Mr. Fantastic reconsidered and traveled to Latveria , where the X-Men initially battled the Fantastic Four again. At the urging of Franklin Richards , Kitty was cured by the combined efforts of Dr.

Doom and Mr Fantastic and through intense concentration, Kitty was able to remain solid. Kitty was later visited by Illyana, who was hysterically blaming Forge for her brother and the X-Men's death and asking Kitty to aid her in killing him. Illyana left furious after Kitty declined to help her. After having the same continuous dream, Kitty and Nightcrawler summarized that Rachel might have been trying to telepathically reach them.

After being attacked by Gatecrasher and the Technet , who were hired by Saturnyne to eliminate Phoenix, Kitty and Meggan Puceanu were captured. After arriving in London and being reunited with Rachel, the combined efforts of Kitty, Nightcrawler, Phoenix, Meggan, and Captain Britain resulted in their escape and the defeat of the Technet and the Warwolves , who were sent from Mojo to bring back Rachel.

At the urging of Rachel to continue Professor Xavier's dream, Shadowcat and Nightcrawler became founding members of the British-based team Excalibur. After rescuing hostages in a nightclub, Kitty created a Doppelganger Module to draw-out the remaining Warwolves, by impersonating Rachel. Kitty's plan worked better than she thought and she was captured by the Warwolves. After Kitty was skinned by a Warwolf, Phoenix felt her pain and held her consciousness together, while tracking her to the Warwolves' hide-out. Excalibur rescued Shadowcat, whose intangibility saved her life, and placed the Warwolves on display at the zoo.

After battling the Juggernaut and a group of escaped prisoners, the team addressed Captain Britain's drinking problems, while moving into their new headquarters, Captain Britain's Braddock Lighthouse. While battling the Crazy Gang, Excalibur's bodies were switched with members of the Crazy Gang, except Kitty who stayed hidden.

After Kitty entered the virus that she and Doug created into the Murderworld computers and sent Arcade into Murderworld, Courtney restored everyone to their respective bodies, except Rachel, who was possessed.

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Kitty had to phase in order for Rachel's telepathy to reassert her control. Following Rachel, who sensed her infant brother's telepathic distress, Excalibur traveled to the Empire State Building and battled demons, where Meggan was brought under the demonic influence of the demon, N'Astirh , and became the Goblin Princess. At this time, Illyana's eldrich armor and Soulsword covered Kitty and she brought Cap out of his illusion and brought Meggan out of her enchantment, as well.

Kitty uses the Soulsword to free Captain Britain. After the demonic invasion, Kitty returned to the School for Gifted Youngsters to get her old things and was shocked to see it had been destroyed. The New Mutants were also at the site and Kitty began to argue with them, until a newly returned to childhood Illyana yelled at her and Mirage used her power to manifest Doug and the teenage Illyana. Kitty realized her immaturity and apologized to the New Mutants and asked Mirage to "let them go".

Through their actions battling the Lightning Force, Excalibur was able to return Dr. Moira MacTaggert and Kitty took Widget home with her. Upon returning to the Lighthouse, Kitty and Rachel found that the Soulsword appeared, embedded in bedrock. Despite using the full extent of power permitted by the Phoenix Force , Rachel was unable to remove the sword, which she surmised only Kitty could remove. At this time, Kitty became infatuated with the W. Stuart ignored the smitten Shadowcat while he found himself attracted to Rachel. While attempting to activate Widget, Kitty briefly stood before a group of aliens in a giant hall, including hairy Excalibur counterparts, until she was returned to her reality and Widget began to eat small, metal objects.

After returning to the exchange of Dr. Kitty was deeply affected by Illyana's death from the Legacy Virus. Kitty eventually became romantically involved with her teammate Peter Wisdom.

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Bridge , the acting commander of the international law enforcement agency S. Bridge explained that the computer system of S. Pryde soon learned that this was because the spirit of the late Ogun had taken control of the S. Helicarrier's computer system. Pryde succeeded in defeating Ogun and, with Wolverine's aid, S. Shadowcat subsequently returned to Excalibur, where she continued to be a valued member of the team for a time until she decided to return to the United States and the X-Men.

Kitty disappeared for a time after the X-Men's first battle with the Neo Warclan. Having left the super-hero life behind, she went back to Chicago and got herself a full scholarship at Robert Heinlein University , where she would be free to pursue her own destiny. Life away from the X-Men only lasted so long. While studying computer science, her father died in the Sentinel attack on Genosha. After attacking another who was spouting anti-mutant sentiments, she was placed in therapy.