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Thank God they didn't ask me because I dont' ever want to act again -- but apparently, I guess, she didn't want to do it. Owning the character: I was supposed to be a sophisticated, talented guy, a pillar of the community, but it certainly wasn't very upright of me to spend every day screaming and fighting with my wife! So I decided Herb was addicted to Dorian. Owning the character: Strasser: For me, in the deeper sense, Jung talks about the shadow side.

I always wanted to act, from the time I was three years old, but it was to be anybody else but me. I was so uncomfortable in my own skin. And Dorian gave me this huge opportunity to hide in plain sight -- I was my dark shadow side, but looking so glittery and pretty on the outside. I always loved her. I love her now -- and when I think ahead to auditions, I know there's nothing wrong with bringing out the Dorian.

I know it works. I know I look good with all the teased hair and makeup. This books is a delight and so entertaining and written with meaning.

Todd Has To Leave Llanview: OLTL

I ordered the Kindle edition as soon as I heard of the project. I am greatly enjoying it. Grew up with OLTL and hung on through all the shifts. The original premise of living in a diverse community with its class and economic struggles is the golden age for me.

Loved it then. Thanks Jeff. One Life to Live is my favorite soap and I enjoyed the excerpt above and mention of all the past characters. I know I will enjoy it since it is about characters that filled an hour of my day for so many years.

The Jeff Giles Interview – Llanview in the Afternoon: An Oral History of One Life to Live

I just hope it is soon. Thanks again for the book Jeff and to Michael for telling us about it. At one time, he even tried to get her fired. In short…D-A-M-N!!!!! I loved the courtroom scenes from when Judith Light confessed that her character Karen was a prostitute.

I was too young to watch when these scenes first aired; but, I have seen them since in reruns; and what fantastic scenes! I watch daytime for drama and romance! I wonder if it touches on her affair with Joseph Stuart or how Robert S. Was George Reinholt interviewed? Charles…honestly, I forgot about Jacqueline Courtney. Courtney war from the 70s at AW- they valued Paul Rauch more than one of their biggest stars! Avatar…check out these, um, other tidbits about Jacqueline Courtney: 1.

Hey this sound like a drama within a daytime drama I would buy that book in a minute too.

Llanview in the Afternoon: An Oral History of One Life to Live | Soap Opera Network

That does not surprise me at all that Michael Storm did not like working with Clint Ritchie. Woods and the late Phil Carey enjoyed working with CR. That was because all 3 of them knew how to deal with him and knew how to keep him in line.

This is a must-read for any OLTL fan. I read it once and am reading it through again. The stories for behind the scenes of 4 decades are so interesting for the fan to read. It is fantastic that Jeff Giles tracked down so many different people from the show for this book. This is a lifestyle that they both enjoy. That is what somebody does when there is a home game; you call people up, and make sure who is going to be there. So I am popping in and out at this point.

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Eileen said she does not watch the episodes of the show anymore, because it makes her feel sad. It went by real quick. I think she did like three years on it. I understand more of it now. At the time, I was a deer in the headlights for the first couple of years. Share your thoughts via the comment section. As viewers know, Sharon Newman had also had her share of catfights through the years in longstanding conflicts with both Phyllis Michelle Stafford and of course, Nikki Melody Thomas Scott , and Sharon discusses those moments too.

I really have felt like we have been in this together the whole time. Comment below. Fans of The Young and the Restless were overjoyed to learn a few months ago that Kevin and Chloe played to perfection by Greg Rikaart and Elizabeth Hendrickson were headed back to the CBS Daytime drama following the regime change at the top. Rikaart had previously with the series for 14 years before he was taken off-contract, and then journeyed to Days of our Lives to take on the role of Leo, while Hendrickson went to General Hospital to take on the role of Margaux Dawson, only to eventually head back to Genoa City.

In the ensuing scenes, Kevin injects Billy with a syringe filled with a drug to knock him out. I have known him personally outside of the soap world from mutual friends. And in getting to work with him, Jason is just great. He is a really solid guy, as well.

Later, Liz and Greg weigh-in on their favorite all-time scene together. Share your thoughts in the comment section below. But first check out their video interview! Connect with us. Share Tweet. Leave a comment 20 Comments. Most reacted comment.

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Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors. October 2, pm. Thank you for the interview! Reading the book now. Eric Henwood-Greer. October 3, am.

'One Life to Live' oral history author talks soap opera stigma

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