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Deadliest Enemy: Our War Against Killer Germs is a non-fiction book by epidemiologist Michael Osterholm and writer Mark Olshaker that explores public health emergencies such as antimicrobial resistance , emerging infectious disease and the threat of an influenza pandemic , and in response also suggesting a solution. It was published by Little, Brown and Company in It proposes a nine-point "Battle Plan for Survival" for dealing with these threats, including solutions to antimicrobial drug resistance.

Osterholm describes his book as "part history, part current affairs, and part blueprint for the future".

The Secret Soviet Virus That Helps Kill Bacteria

Top of his concerns are influenza pandemics , antibiotic resistance and bioterrorism, combined with "no clear international governance structure for how we are going to deal with these issues". This provides reasoning and mechanisms for developing vaccines.

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The authors divide infectious diseases into four classes: pathogens that have the potential to cause pandemics; pathogens important to particular regions; endemic diseases ; and bioterrorism, dual-use research of concern, and concerns over gain-of-function research , where modifying pathogens in the laboratory might potentially be misused. The book contains personal experiences, including Osterholm's La Crosse encephalitis , [4] and it uses medical history to assess the threat of pandemics and anti-microbial resistance, while also discussing political responses. It proposes a nine-point "Battle Plan for Survival" to fight emerging threats, with the aim of informing and inspiring people into public health work.

The book was described by Richard Preston as a "powerful and necessary book" that "offers us not just fear but plans". Barry described the book as Osterholm's way of getting results. Weimann is convinced by Osterholm's call for planning, research, and funding.

Michael Osterholm's new book on killer germs includes scary scenario at MOA

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Black swans and red alerts Annals of public health White coats and worn shoes The threat matrix The natural history of germs The new world order Means of transmission: bats, bugs, lungs, and penises Vaccines: the sharpest arrow in our quiver Malaria, AIDS, and TB: lest we forget Gain of function and dual use: the Frankenstein scenario Bioterror: opening Pandora's box Ebola: out of Africa SARS and MERS: harbingers of things to come Mosquitoes: public health enemy number one Zika: expecting the unexpected Antimicrobials: the tragedy of the commons Fighting the resistance Influenza: the king of infectious diseases Pandemic: from unspeakable to inevitable Taking influenza off the table Battle plan for survival [1] [2].

Washington County Library. Retrieved 25 April Cruver then cofounded Giveline.

It struggled, so he went scouting for more startup ideas. In early Cruver met Dr. Mark Stibich and Dr. Julie Stachowiak, who were studying Russian methods of fighting tuberculosis using UV light. UV rays have a long disease-fighting history; today they sanitize water, air, food, even surgical wounds.

Ball pits contain KILLER germs 'because they go weeks without being cleaned'

A high-wattage UV-C light might sanitize an entire room quickly. Many bulbs create light by sending an electric charge through argon or neon gas; fluorescent and UV lights often use mercury vapor. But too much mercury can be toxic, and mercury-based lamps can take an hour to disinfect a room. Xenex uses harmless xenon gas to blast a broad spectrum of UV wave- lengths in all of ten minutes. Cruver brought the idea to Morris Miller, founder of Rackspace Hosting , a large data-storage company, whom he had met doing a talk show for his Enron book tour.

The first units rolled out in mid The U. Next steps include beefing up his direct-sales force and wooing distribution partners.

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A big win: Sodexo, the facilities-management giant, headquartered in Paris, says it plans to use the Xenex as part of its standard hospital-cleaning service. Meanwhile, competition lurks. Lumalier, in Memphis, Tenn. Xenex is the air bag.

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