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A: Short answer: The story suits the episodic format. Think about how TV shows work. Long answer: See my guest post blog on Why Serials? A: I write two main genres. I also write Contemporary Romance, primarily The Minstrel Series, which is set in the singer-songwriter world. A: I do. I write lighter YA fantasy as Elle Strauss. A: I was born in a suburb of Chicago. My husband is a musician and works a lot in Europe, which is why we live there for half of the year. Every day Teagan half expected to hear that Marlow Henry had been arrested, but his name was never mentioned anywhere.

Especially not in this dorm. Sage expertly avoided any discussion of him. Another week passed without incident. The leaves dropped from the trees and covered the paths in yellow.

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Exposed branches stretched out like scratchy silhouettes across the teal green sky. Soon the snow would fall. Teagan deeply inhaled the crisp air. Jake and Nora had become an official couple. Nora had thanked her more than once for being instrumental in their meeting. She gushed to Sage and Teagan about how she and Jake were soul mates.

Teagan supposed that should make her feel good. It made her feel lonely and inadequate. Where was her soul mate? When Mila in almost completely uninjured after being thrown from a moving car, that seems pretty unbelievable and even scary how can she not feel pain? She has to figure out what is real: her friends, her family, her memories, her self.

Those who have the answers Mila wants, also want to destroy her. Would you want to remain in the dark about your life to stay alive, or would you have to know where you came from and what was the truth?

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It was such a good day for Tegan until she died. On that day in it was a gorgeous day, sunny and warm. She was hanging out with the people she liked best, and she had finally kissed the boy she liked. When she next wakes, years later, all the people important to her are long gone.

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Tegan is an experiment in cryogenics; her body was donated to science and frozen years ago. Today she is the first successfully woken person, so she is being kept under tight supervision and hidden from the press. She is thrust into school and the public eye so that people can see she is a real human being, but Tegan never asked to be the spokesperson for waking the dead, and no matter how much money the military invested in her regeneration, she still has a mind of her own. Typical mom, pushing people around and believing she always could do everything better.

I guess she might have been right this time because Eve is recovering incredibly quickly considering the seriousness of her injuries, but recovery is still pretty boring for a teenager. In an effort to keep Eve busy, her mother decides to let her test out her new genetics computer program, and Eve is playing in her free time creating a human from scratch — a human she believes is virtual. When Eve discovers another teen at the lab, a live-in assistant working for her mother, he tells her things that have her questioning a lot of things she has believed her whole life. What is really going on in the family lab?

Who, or what, is Adam and are there others like him?

Life is not always easy for Jamey, his two sisters and their dad coping without their mother who died on the moon when Jamey was just a baby, but the family is hanging in there sticking together, until they day they have to make their escape. The family piles into their SUV and speeds through the dark military patrolled streets to the launching pad on the outskirts of town. The next thing Jamey knows he is on a space shuttle with a bunch of other teens headed for the moon and one sister and his father are being left behind where the danger or world wide war looks inevitable.

Rigg is a pathfinder; he sees the paths of all living creatures. To him these paths look like signature brush strokes left on the ground where people walked, and these paths stretch back through time for thousands of years. His father has helped him cultivate this unique ability his whole life; his father also made sure he was skilled in logic and reasoning. Rigg cannot see a use for some of his education; he and his father are hunters and trappers in the forest after all, when will he ever need to know the language of the nobility?

Rigg and a friend from the village find themselves on a journey full of danger and mystery where time does not always behave the way we are accustomed. If you enjoy science fiction stories about other worlds or alternate realities you will also enjoy the Ender's Game series by Orson Scott Card. Tags: adventure , dystopias , friendship , science fiction , survival , time travel Posted in Library News Comments Off on Pathfinder. Claudia is living a nobel life, like a princess in a castle, but to her home feels like a prison.

This place is so vast it feels like a kingdom full of villages, and cities, forests, and swamps, beggars, thieves and people with power and influence; this is Incarceron. The place itself seems to have a mind of its own, it shifts and transforms itself to make life difficult for its inmates; escape feels so impossible that most are making the best of their life within the walls. Finn is new to Incarceron; most believe he was born there, but he has glimpses of another life, another place, that make him wonder, and so he seeks to escape this dark metalic world.

Kincaid, pages, Grades 7 and up.

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Virtually, though, Tom has a larger life. He has always wanted to be somebody, or at least something more than a street urchin conning people to earn a place to sleep and eat, so when the Spire offers him a place in their Academy he is eager to join. In this future, all war is fought virtually by teenagers; the actual battles occur remotely on other planets, so no one gets hurt. Of course, there is more going on than meets the eye. Tom will have to figure how who the good guys really are, who he should trust, and how he can use his skills to help himself and protect everyone in the world besides.

Tags: adventure , dystopias , friendship , heroes , science fiction , teens , virtual reality Posted in Library News Comments Off on Insignia. Before the earth began preparing for the inevitability of alien contact, before they had faster than light speed communication capabilities, before they had Ender to pin their hopes on, earth was caught unaware.

This is the story of the world before the first Bugger invasion. In a dystopian future society, the western United States has become the Republic, a military dictatorship in a constant war with the surrounding Colonies. An accident throws these two opposites together. They should be instant enemies, but maybe what brought them together was not an accident after all, but what they are up against might be too big for the greatest outlaw and the smartest citizen even if they are working together.

Conor Broekhart was born in the air. It is no wonder he is determined to fly; he is a brilliant engineer from very young and is lucky enough to work with another brilliant man, Victor Vigny, advisor to the king.

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Unfortunately, his life takes a dramatic turn. The good king has placed his trust in the wrong man; one of his confidants, Marshall Bonvilain, kills the king and frames Conor for the murder! Conor is thrown into a high security prison on an island, and his parents believe him to be dead. He is subjected a brutal life in the prison, but also makes some allies that help him attempt to save the kingdom, and his family as well as seek revenge on the evil Bonvilain. The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas is the first novel about a man being mistakenly imprisoned and escaping to seek his revenge.

By Neil Shusterman, pages.

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Grades When no one won the terrible civil war between the Pro-Choice and Pro-Life groups there was a compromise. It was decided that all babies would be born, that children would be untouchable from birth to 13, and that between 13 and 18 any child could be unwound.

Every single body part goes on living in another body, so it is not considered death. The unwound teen continues to live in different places. In this version of the future there are no doctors, only surgeons.

There is a transplanting process that works so well, people just replace parts that are damaged or diseased instead of trying to cure them. Connor is trouble, and his parents have had enough. Tags: coming of age , creepy , family problems , identity , science fiction , survival , suspense , teens Posted in New Book Reviews Comments Off on Unwind. Science-Fiction Mystery. The boys are determined to solve the mystery, and when none of their other tactics yield answers, the boys decide to sneak into Mrs.

This a big mistake; now they know too much. They are sure aliens are after them, but their families think they are crazy, and then Charlie disappears! What would you do if your best friend might have been abducted by aliens? Go after him, of course. Jimbo and his sister Becky are on their own in the wilds of Scotland trying to save Charlie, and maybe a lot more than that!