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Preaching and Preachers

We have to humbly confess our preaching is mediocre, not rising to the standard to which we have been called. The problem is us. Every serious man who peruses these, will therefore see, in the clearest manner, what these doctrines are which I embrace and teach as the essentials of true religion. Summary by TriciaG. These links and summaries are offered for your consideration and evaluation because they relate to preaching. As always, read with discernment. Here are some preaching-related resources from this past week all nicely packaged up on one page.

Giving these various moods and tempos, styles and emotions will bring to your people a rich sense of the varied nature of how God speaks through human agency. Let the Bible become as variegated to you as you would like it to be to them. God does after all speak in various ways his wonders to perform.

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The Fourth Ingredient — Peter Mead. When I evaluate preaching, I always include a fourth necessary ingredient: Interpersonally Engaging. Good preaching needs to be biblical, clear, relevant and engaging.

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It contains original, hand-crafted illustrations that will point the people you teach to Jesus. I hope you find it helpful. Saving Eutychus — The Briefing. I picture myself still using an outline in more casual environments: Sunday school, retreats, Bible studies, etc. What about you?


Focusing Your Sermon — B Deciding what to include and leave out from sermon study is one of the most difficult tasks for young pastors in crafting sermons. Often sermons become a regurgitation of the cool things they learned in their study, instead of a focused exhortation. This is the secret of meditation.

Who Is the Hero of Your Sermon? Every sermon has a hero. Every message points to some kind of rescue from financial, relational, or ethical plight. Few would argue that someone other than Christ should be this rescuer — this hero — in every sermon. But many of us think we are pointing people toward Christ, when in fact we are not. We may talk about Jesus a lot in our sermons, but ultimately we point our people toward something or someone else.

Shall We Preach the Gospel or Morality? Part of Christian duty involves both the positive and negative proclamation of moral standards. Negatively, Christians are responsible to rebuke the works of darkness, shining the light of truth on those works so that people can see them for what they are. Preaching morality never takes the place of preaching the gospel, but it remains a non-negotiable obligation for Christians. We must have Calvins again. May He give us legions of biblical expositors, as in the days of the Reformation, ready to unleash the unvarnished truth of Scripture.

May we see the power of the Word preached again in this midnight hour of history. How Long Does a Pastor Preach? Preaching About the Bible Vs. Preaching the Bible — Nicholas McDonald. True preaching preaches to the heart. It exegetes the text, and it explodes into the real, grub and dirt lives of the listening dead.

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True preaching is a hard mirror, an unforgiving thread leading me to my knees at the cross. Real exegesis exegetes not only the text, but the hearts receiving it. It allows people to feel its heat and light, because it cuts into souls and exposes them. True preaching is more than preaching truth. It is also deeply personal. It rises from within a man. He is fully aware and engaged and intelligent. But he is forced to speak, compelled not by the expectations of others around but by the power of God within. A commitment to accurate exposition of Scripture should be among our very highest priorities when we evaluate a church.

To me, Christo-centrism is primarily a communication issue rather than a hermeneutical issue. Authoritative interpretation will focus first on the message of any given text, and once this is established reflect on its place and significance in the broader revelatory scheme that climaxes in Jesus. Not all First Testament texts point to Christ, but all texts reveal something about God or humanity or the universe that is necessary ultimately to understand the work of Christ.

Pastors, we need to be grateful for the abundance of commentaries and theological writings about most any passage we would set to preach to our congregations. Allow them to confirm, even correct our own thoughts we have formulated in our own study, but guard from relying too much on them. Your preaching agenda ought to be set for you by the text of scripture, not by a Hollywood marketing firm trying to use you for profits.

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One of the basic, oft repeated, and most common mistakes made in preaching is the neglect of careful reading of Scripture.