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Double Murder Suspect on the Run

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Judgments, decrees, frlondshlos. Furnished plan. The present membership is sixty. The Methodists of Amanda worship in a frame church which they built about forty or more years ago. Their membership is about forty.

The congregation is included in the Tarleton circuit. Dixon is the present pastor. Turkey Run Regular Baptist Church is one of the oldest organizations in the township. The early meetings were held in Hooker's school house, until about , when the present frame structure was erected. It has recently undergone extensive repairs. George Tusing is the present pastor. The present membership is about thirty. The Trinity church is located about two miles northwest of Amanda.

Emanuel Tunner had. The present pastor is Rev. Eli Shoemaker ; the membership about thirty. The society is an old one, and prior to conducted its religious services at Meisey's residence, and in his wagon-shed. Cedar Hill chapel is a building similar in character to the 1 rinity church.