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It doesn't really slow her down, as she goes to regular school, performs in the school show, plays on the school's basketball team and is just a regular kid. If you have confidence and belief that you can do something, you can. Which is part of the premise of this book.

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And Sam proves it. She and her brother, Joh This is a middle-school level book and I am an adult. She and her brother, John, work together to solve two mysteries: who is stealing money from the donation jars at the farmers' market and who kidnapped her friend Michael. While solving these mysteries, she still has to rehearse for the upcoming school show, practice for the next basketball game, and keep up with her school work.

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And she does it all! This could be read alone or aloud to someone. Either way, it is a good read with good characters, action, descriptives and flow.


A Goodread! May 01, Cathleen rated it really liked it. My 10 year old daughter read this book in two nights. She really enjoyed how Sam wrote her thoughts down in her personal journal and made her feel like she was apart of the story. She is already asking when the next book is going to be available?

Aug 18, Chris added it. I work with Dr. Adelman and am too clouded by admiration for the author to be objective about the book. It was fun, suspenseful, and sweet, but I'm also soliciting an opinion from the target audience—a well-read 9-year-old I know. May 16, Dark Luna Rose rated it it was amazing Shelves: my-kids-books. I loved that this book had a special needs character in the lead. Fun, middle reader book with engaging characters. Sam is able to to a lot, I like the "Journal" thoughts in her voice.

Oct 17, Suzanne rated it really liked it Shelves: ya-kid-lit , first-reads. We Spy is an entertaining book for young readers of mystery or realistic fiction stories. It has a great protagonist in Samantha, "Sam.

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When these private thoughts are combined with the rest of the story, readers get a well-rounded view of Sam's character. One of the things that is unique about the story is the fact that Sam has Down Syndrom We Spy is an entertaining book for young readers of mystery or realistic fiction stories. One of the things that is unique about the story is the fact that Sam has Down Syndrome.

While that is not the focus of the story, it does play a part in some of the scenes. That aspect of Sam's life is simply taken for granted by her friends and family and it is only mentioned when it relates to the story - such as when she is teased by some children. The book is the first in a series, and kids who enjoy returning to the same characters for a new adventure such as the Junie B. Jones books, or Magic Tree House will be glad to know that Sam has more books for them to read.

The plot of this story centers around some mysterious happenings in the neighborhood. Money and doughnuts have gone missing from a bake sale at the community center, more money disappears from donation containers at the farmers market, and a friend from the rehab center has gone missing.

Sam and her younger brother decide to find some clues and it just so happens that brother John has lots of spy gear they can use. I appreciate the way Sam is portrayed in the story. The focus is on a middle school girl going through all the things girls at that age are dealing with. She has a bit of a crush on a boy, she befriends a new student, she puts off doing her math homework until the last minute, and she loves being on the basketball team.

Her parents have explained to her that Down Syndrome is caused by something in her chromosomes, so she may look or act a little different than other kids her age.

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But as they have helped her to understand, everyone has something different about them - their hair or eye color, or what sort of talents they have. When Sam describes the place where she and her brother go rock climbing, she thinks that it looks like "a warehouse store, where Mom could buy mayonnaise in gallon-sized jars and toilet paper for an entire army. Fans of realistic fiction, stories set in school, or mysteries should give the series a try. Great for middle grade readers. I won a copy of the book in a Goodreads Giveaway.

She volunteers, plays on the basketball team, and solves mysteries! Hott Review: We Spy is a terrific beginning to a series! There is a slower pace and more explanation than is needed for those that love reading. Jul 11, M. Hudson rated it really liked it. This book is targeted for middle grade. Sam is a young teen and middle child. She also has Down's Syndrome. Although she may have to do things at a slower pace, Sam is portrayed as strong, friendly, caring, helpful, and responsible.

I love her strong character! She and her younger brother set out to capture a thief that has been stealing from several places. In addition, she befriends a man with a brain injury. I cannot reveal the results of all of these adventures because of course, that would This book is targeted for middle grade. I cannot reveal the results of all of these adventures because of course, that would ruin the book.

This book is written in a quarter journal form Sam's and the rest mostly in narrative. Although there are a lot of "journal" books out there, this one is worth the read. This is a refreshing take on some one who is differently capable. Again, I love it! Sam is my hero in so many ways!

This book is also a series of which I have three more books. I recommend them and get them in the hands of kids! Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my open and honest opinion. Aug 06, Sherry Vaughan rated it it was amazing. This is a wonderful, heartwarming book. It's target audience is middle schoolers but the book appeals to a wider audience. Sam is a child with Down Syndrome. Despite this handicap, her life is meaningful and full of joy. No one considers her to be any different than any other child. That is the beauty of this book. She sings, dances, and solves mysteries.

She is a hero and a role model for children everywhere.

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