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His family has seen hard times, and we see throughout the book that his father in particular is resigned to bad luck and difficulties, and never considers the possibility that circumstances could become better. Though he places many demands on Set In book 2 of the Sara books, introducing children to ways to use law of attraction to better their lives, Sara meets Seth, a new boy in school. Though he places many demands on Seth, the boy is more easy-going and ignores the bad stuff, preferring to talk about and focus on what he enjoys.

He befriends Sara, who is at first reluctant to be close to anyone or to share her secrets. As their friendship grows, they find much in common, not the least of which is a wise owl who teaches them about law of attraction. Compared with the first book, this book teaches more by example than words, and there is more of a plot. The children know that being happy is the way to get best results in life. Solomon, the owl, gives the children advice on how to deal productively with these problems, how to focus their minds on the good aspects of the situations and have faith in good results.

This feel-good book is appropriate for both children and adults. Jun 18, Susan rated it it was amazing. I'm really liking this series of books! Talking more about the law of attraction for kids to understand it; in story form. Sara meets a new friend Seth; and of course Solomon who helps them in the understanding of the law of attraction.

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I feel in complete alignment with source when I read them, I laugh out loud and tears of joy run down my face. No matter how old you are these books will help you understand the Law of Attraction. So what are you waiting for? Get to reading. Jul 03, Laurie rated it it was amazing. I love the Sara Series. Great lessons to be learned for all ages. It was one of those reads that took me awhile since it was a book I would pick up when I needed a reminder maybe it was divine timing!

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Would have loved to have read this to my son when he was little! Aug 14, Lola! This is a work of genius. I delightfully recommend not only this book, but book 1 too! Fun This is a fun continuation of sara 1. Although it is a kids story however it resembles perfectly the worries and fears that happen in our adult lives. It is very comforting to know that all is well.

Oct 02, Maddie Mentzer rated it liked it. Food for thought An amazing book, well written and easy to read for the whole family. You really learn a lot about what you think and feel, can actually change your life! Feb 01, Georgia Glasgow rated it it was amazing.

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Oct 29, Kyra rated it it was ok Shelves: best-of-woo , must-read-woo , esther-and-jerry-hicks. I give these books much more credit than Esther and Jerry Hicks' how-to sounding Law of Attraction series. These books, under the guise of prose, let you follow Sara, a young girl learning about the Law of Attraction with her wise ethereal owl friend, Solomon.

She meets a new friend Seth, who she reluctantly introduces to Solomon. Together, they embark on a magical adventure in transforming their realities. Esther Hicks authors a brilliant piece of Law of Attraction propaganda. Not only does it I give these books much more credit than Esther and Jerry Hicks' how-to sounding Law of Attraction series. Not only does it relay all the important messages of creating ones reality, but it presents them in an easy to understand format.

This actually presents them in the best way I have yet to see from Esther Hicks. In fact, it is a wonder to me that anyone bothers with their other works. It is fun, frisky, and playful. In regards to the flying scenes contained within this book, I suggest you use the same caution with your children as you would when reading them Peter Pan. Remind them kindly to leap off the couch first, then the roof. What is best about this book is that, as a parent, you can start convincing your child of their ability to use their imagination to pretend that reality operates differently than it actually does.

It's the ultimate Santa Clause.

Convince them to delude themselves about anything! Show them that they CAN do it!

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And let them know how much Abraham material is available to help them! Abraham will validate them, tell them how wonderful they are, and encourage all their narcissistic tendencies. They will come to adore Abraham more than you ever could have imagined. The downside? Do not be surprised when they feel tremendous guilt around the things they are not able to manifest. Just be concerned when they start to doubt Abraham Hicks when the things they want aren't showing up in their lives.

Uplifting book This book is very inspiring and uplifting. I feel good just reading it. I feel encouraged and energized while reading it. I cannot wait to read book 3. Sep 16, Kathryn rated it really liked it Shelves: , sara , spirituality. I was looking for a book to scoop me up and keep me wanting to turn each page. The first 50 pages were slow and I was so disappointed.

Solomon's Fine Featherless Friends: Sara Book 2

Then I remembered this was a YA book, so the basic story wasn't necessarily as compelling as others I have read. Then the pages turned to gold and the simplicity of the story made understanding the Law of Attraction so much easier to comprehend. Yes I have read and try to practice this way of thinking, but it is so helpful to read it in a simplistic manner for an I was looking for a book to scoop me up and keep me wanting to turn each page.

Yes I have read and try to practice this way of thinking, but it is so helpful to read it in a simplistic manner for an easy refresher. Jun 29, Kelly Bennett rated it really liked it. I really like the messaging of this book series. Even though the whole 'Abraham' stuff is hard to digest with regards to Jerry and Esther Hicks Deep down, I've always sensed that our thoughts have way more power than we give them credit. Apr 23, Nahid rated it liked it. The second book was a bit slow for me. It seemed more story telling than pertaining to the law of attraction until the last quarter of the book.

Sara 2: "Solomon's Fine Featherless Friends" (Audiobook)

The last quarter was great though. My favorite part of all was when Solomon said that it is never too late because we control our feelings. It just had such perfect timing in my life. Jun 27, Susan rated it really liked it.

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This book, the second in a series, is better than the first. Although the writing can hardly be classified as great or, arguably, even good, the story-crafting is first rate. It also just happens to be a parable of The Law of Attraction. This series would be an enjoyable read-aloud option for families with whose values are aligned with teaching this concept as a guiding principle.

Mar 23, Krista-Marie B rated it really liked it. This series of books teaches the Law of Attraction in such a basic approach that makes it easier to understand, especially with the hands-on lessons that Solomon teaches Sara and Seth. Even ignoring the fact that the book is intended to teach the Law of Attraction, the stories are just lovely and I am really looking forward to beginning Book 3. Aug 25, Christine Mabille rated it really liked it.

I really like the series of Sara's books; the wisdom which is reflected in the stories is for all age groups. View 1 comment. I read with wonderful excitement Here are answers for your question about how to handle and keep thinking positive while the current is so bad, well being abounds : i love this Sara story.

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