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He essentially did what Sarge said: waited for the pitcher to prove he could throw the soft stuff for a strike. Skip to content. Sarge tries to give Phillies' Franco his marching orders Marcus Hayes. Marcus Hayes, Columnist.


God bless him, he seldom can. Related stories. Sunday, in front of more than 21, fans, Franco couldn't ignore Matthews. First, Matthews barked his name: "Maik!

Sarge tries to give Phillies' Franco his marching orders | Marcus Hayes

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They might have seen Franco shrug and heard him reply, "Yeah. I know. Sarge says it's OK to jump on early junk as long as that's your plan when you dig in. It's OK once in a while. Maybe Sarge should give him public lessons every game. Never Miss a Story. We Recommend.

Exos Aerospace Completes Successful Launch Test of Their SARGE Rocket - Universe Today

John Middleton nears a decision on Gabe Kapler, asks Phillies players for input. Matt Breen.


Bob Brookover. This retiring Phillies employee has seen it all Basically, the rocket will let customers see if their payloads will handle the stresses of a space launch prior to sending them into orbit or to rendezvous with the International Space Station ISS. Other payloads included memorabilia and collectibles provided by ASTRAX International a Japan-based space tourism company , two science packages from Purdue University, memorabilia provided by Johnny Ireland and Brenda Ferdinando two cancer survivors , the dog tags for a round 1 investor, a heat transfer experiment Arete provided by students from the Greater Nanticoke Area, a large collection of scientific monitors built and provided by Space Kidz India , and a Mayo Space Medicine technology test bed developed by the Mayo Clinic and Oxehealth and provided with the help of the Center for Applied Space Technology CAST — who are also partnered with Enterprise in Space.

The launch, as well as the pre-launch setup and recovery of the rocket, were also captured by a live-stream webcast.

The SARGE platform will now receive its final flight modifications, and start to provide data critical to building a reliable reusable first stage LEO launcher. This successful Pathfinder flight test brings them one step closer to regular commercial suborbital launches. We look forward to their next flight, and to working with them to achieve their longer term goals at Spaceport America. This rocket, once operational, will be used to send small and micro satellites to Low Earth Orbit LEO to see how they fair during launch and in a microgravity environment.

With Sarge, EXOS will be able to provide frequent opportunities to test satellites that weight up to 50 kg lbs in space for minutes, and then return them to the launch site just 20 min after launch. Throughout that time, he has served at every level in the organization—local outpost, area, section, district, and region.

WAHS Teacher Clark Sarge Earns FANUC Certification

Now, he serves on the U. He remains. He made a contract with God that if He would give him a son, he would serve in Royal Rangers all the days of his life.

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For Sarge, a commitment is a commitment, and he takes it very seriously. Through the years, the love for the ministry and the enjoyment of mentoring young men has grown.