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Often less than half the total weightage is placed on the entrance test result. All children love activities, but the overwhelming emphasis on rote learning dissuades them from tinkering and learning through projects. What would you like to be remembered as — an inventor, a science expert or a teacher? As a child I wanted to become a primary school teacher. But I soon realised that being a good teacher in a good school will not make much change to the overall educational system.

10 Pieces of Advice on How To Invent A Great Toy or Game

Anyone truly interested in education could download them for free. Everyday 12, books are downloaded. This just shows the hunger for good books in our people! Our videos Toys from Trash have been viewed over 68 million times! I would like to be known as a teacher who freely shared the best educational resources with the world and touched a few lives. What is your message for children?

You have only one life. Live your own dream — never the dream of your parents or teachers. Never live the stale dream of a Corporation. Live your own dream. Teach less but expose them to the whole world. Give children space to explore and discover their innate potential. Children learn a great deal without being taught. Adults seldom understand this.

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How Much Do Inventors Make: Everything You Need to Know

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This Company Wants to Hear About Your Toy Idea!

What code is in the image? Every entrant receives feedback on their idea and schools across North America are making it part of their curriculum. ChiTAG Inventor Conferences will include over 50 companies coming from around the globe looking for ideas from professional inventors, new inventors and design students in attendance!

Toy and game inventors are not regarded and utilized like their creative counterparts in film, music, literary or culinary worlds. But if you sell over 70 million Jengas, no one knows who you are… and Leslie Scott is awesome! Consumers today want to know the story behind the products they are buying. We are telling the story. For retailers and trend experts, they can see what consumers want. Companies that do a lot of research and development usually have rules in place that let them own the inventions their employees create while on the job. This is called "work for hire.

The biggest advantage to inventing for a company is that the company does all the investing, patenting, and marketing for you. The inventor faces no risks aside from the ones that always come with a full-time job. You don't have to spend your own money and you don't have to worry that no one will use your invention. In exchange, you get less money this way than you would from any other way. This lets you have the company take on the costs of patenting an invention, but it's a very risky option since the company might try to steal your idea or otherwise cut you out.

You should definitely consult with a lawyer first to discuss how to approach the company and in what order to do things. A non-disclosure agreement is a good first step, but not every company will want to sign one. If you have the business sense to succeed in a competitive market or if you have a good friend who can get a company going, you can skip the sale and start your own business.

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  4. This lets you sell your products directly to the companies and consumers who want them. Doing this demands either a lot of money, a few wealthy investors, or a good crowdsourcing campaign, but you can hire employees and bring on partners who can help you manage the parts of the business you have no experience with. Going into business is definitely the riskiest option, and it means taking on a lot more work. However, it's also the best way to make a profit on your invention.

    Becoming an Inventor, Part Two – Inventing: An Industry

    Just make sure you're ready for the challenge, because starting your own business takes even more research and investment than getting a patent. By selling your own products, you can avoid getting a patent entirely and keep your invention a trade secret. However, trade secret protections are much weaker than they are for patents, and if someone else invents and patents your creation you're out of luck.

    Two people inventing or discovering the same thing at the same time is actually very common, so don't think it won't happen to you. The inventor doesn't have to be the main force behind a company to be directly involved. It's possible to invest your patents in a company in exchange for a share of the company stock. The size of the share depends on the size of the company and how important your patent is to it.

    10 Pieces of Advice on How To Invent A Great Toy or Game - Raising Nerd

    This gives you the ability to vote on company policy without having to manage the company yourself. However, you should make sure you have a clear role in the company so you don't get pushed out or lost in the shuffle as the business grows. A patent gives you the right to stop other people from creating and selling your invention, and it lets you sue them for damages — like the money they made from your product — if they do infringe upon your patent.

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    The government will not do this for you, so you will have to sue them yourself and take on the legal costs until the case ends. This isn't the best way to make money from a patent since you can't be sure someone will infringe your patent, plus the court might rule against you. Still, it's technically a way to make money from an invention.