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When his co-workers proved hesitant to play softball, Homer motivated them by saying he had a secret weapon, which had them decide to sign up, as they believed his "secret weapon" to be anything from a colossal catcher's mitt to Homer outright zapping the opposing teams with a death beam.

During the team's first game, the Plant team fell behind , with three men on base and Homer up to bat. Homer then revealed his secret weapon, only to be mocked by his team mates. However, Homer managed to hit a grand slam, starting a winning streak. Eventually, his team mates each tried to find their own magic bats, with Carl trying a piano leg and Charlie using a prosthetic leg. Burns however, eventually replaced the team with Major League ringers.

Homer, believing he had nothing to worry about as long as he had Wonder Bat, had his bat broken in half by a pitch thrown by Roger Clemens , much to his disbelief. The bat is called the Wonderboy, which is used as the principal good luck bat by Roy Hobbs with his team, the Knights. The best way to keep bats out of your home is by keeping the exterior of your house in good repair. Bats can enter spaces that are as small as one-half inch in diameter. If you are successful in having bats move into your bat house, expect plenty of droppings — also known as guano — to fall from the bat house and accumulate underneath.

Perhaps a shed, outbuilding or barn. And for whatever reason, BCI found that bats prefer bat houses that are mounted on buildings with wood, brick or stone siding — but not metal siding.

Wonder Bat

Bat houses can also be mounted on poles. You could even fasten two bat houses together, one on each side of the pole.

Transporting bats from a tree roost collapse, part 1

Whatever you decide, make sure the bat house is located in an area with plenty of sun for heat. Ideally, they should be exposed to sunlight for 6 to 8 hours daily, so facing them to the south is a good idea. At a minimum, they should be placed 10 feet off the ground, though 12 to 20 feet is ideal. And they should be located at least 20 feet away from the nearest tree branches or other places where flying predators can perch.

When bats are looking for a nice home, they consider three things: design, temperature and location. Starting with design — not all bat houses are created equally. For this reason, Bat Conservation International provides detailed directions for the construction of three effective designs for bat houses.

Australian heatwave: bats falling out of trees as temperatures near 50C

BCI also provides links to premade bat houses and bat house kits that they consider to be adequate designs. Many bat houses on the market are too small, Hutchins said, and the chambers inside them are often improperly spaced, allowing for too much air flow and heat loss. They want as many bats in that area as possible. In cold climates, bat houses will often be painted black using outdoor, non-toxic, water-based latex paint so they absorb more heat during the day. And last of all — location.

This is because most bats species feed on insects, many of which breed in water.

And if bat colonies are already established in nearby buildings or under bridges, bat houses are much more likely to become occupied. In the United States, one reason bat houses may be gaining popularity is because of white-nose syndrome, a disease that was first discovered in the country in and has since decimated certain bat populations, killing millions of bats across North America. White-nose syndrome is caused by a specific fungus that can be passed from bat-to-bat and picked up from the environment — chiefly caves where bats hibernate.

Bats: protection and licences

In addition, different species of bats are losing habitat due the closure of old mines and deforestation, Hutchins said. His suggestion is to be patient.

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From his experience, bats can take a while to locate and move into a new bat house. In the winter, they move out and either migrate or search for somewhere warmer to hibernate. Aislinn Sarnacki, a staff writer for Hello Homestead, is an avid hiker and wildlife enthusiast who is passionate about conservation and has an interest in self-sufficiency, survivalism, foraging and all things green.

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She and her husband live in the woods of Maine, where they collect chaga mushrooms, befriend flying squirrels and struggle to garden in the rocky soil. How to keep ducks. How to attract birds in the winter.