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It might just as well have run straight through the pine lands.

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But in Virginia people were never in a hurry. They had all of leisure that well-settled and perfectly self-satisfied ways of life could bring to a people whose chief concern it was to live uprightly and happily in that state of existence into which it had pleased God to call them. What difference could it make to a people so minded, whether the journey to the Court-house—the centre and seat of county activities of all kinds—were a mile or two longer or shorter by reason of meaningless curves in the road, or by reason of a lack of them?

Why should they bother to straighten out road windings that had the authority of long use for their being? And why should the well-fed negro drivers of family carriages shake themselves out of their customary and comfortable naps in order to drive more directly across the pine land, when the horses, if left to themselves, would placidly follow the traditional track? The crookedness of the road was a fact, and Virginians of that time always accepted and respected facts to which they had been long accustomed.

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For that sufficient reason Baillie Pegram, the young master of Warlock, was not thinking of the road at all, but accepting it as he did the greenery of the trees and the bursting of the buds, as he jogged along at a dog-trot on that fine April morning in the year of our Lord He was well mounted upon a mettlesome sorrel mare,—a mare with pronounced ideas of her own. He then studied law at Richmond College and made friends with the Richmond literary group, especially with John Eston Cooke.

In , with many other gentlemen horsemen he saw service in northern Virginia in the Ist Virginia Cavalry, first under Col. Stuart and later under Gen.

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Fitzhugh Lee. In the autumn he transferred to the field artillery on the South Carolina coast, but in , he was back north in Longstreet's artillery… In his battery served as sharpshooters through the bloody siege of Petersburg; and Eggleston, with his brother Joseph as second in command, was in charge of a mortar fort. Later he practised law in Mississippi.

The work in both places, however, was uncongenial; accordingly, in , with his wife and one child, he went to New York.

The Master of Warlock: A Virginia War Story

Here he began a newspaper and editorial career that lasted, except for short intervals, for twenty years. Stockton to the staff.

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He was editor-in-chief in when the magazine was sold. Now, refusing to yield further to the 'call of the wild,' as he termed the lure of journalism and retiring to his Lake George home every summer, he zestfully wrote a score or more of works: boys' stories, history, biography, autobiography, and especially novels. Some of the latter he based upon experience in Indiana, on the Mississippi, and in South Carolina. His most glamorous memories, however, were of pre-war Virginia … The characters in these books are too perfect to seem real, but Eggleston always denied having idealized them …".