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US Edition. Log in using your social network account. Please enter a valid password. Keep me logged in. Try Independent Premium free for 1 month See the options. George W Bush. US politics. US politicians agree on pulling out of Afghanistan - but how With Donald Trump's planned talks with the Taliban collapsing, and following the latest Democratic debate, all sides seem to agree on the need to end America's longest war.

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Kathleen Blanco: Louisiana governor who led the state during Katrina. John Rentoul Top 10 statements that came back to bite their author. UK Politics. How America's presidents spent their days after the White House. What would a US withdrawal from Afghanistan mean for the country?

Long Reads. Elon Musk's SpaceX stands in way of Trump's border wall with Mexico Land intended to be home to commercial spaceport stands in way of US president's 'big, beautiful' wall.

War Criminals Among Us: Bush, Cheney, and the Eyes of the World

Trumps use eight-vehicle motorcade to travel m to greet Bush. George HW Bush should be remembered for the Iraq war his son started. Politicians and family pay tribute to former president George HW Bush. Matthew Norman The midterm results could massively affect the UK. John Rentoul Top 10 fluffed lines. George W Bush attacks America's immigration rhetoric under Trump. US Border Patrol sets up surprise immigration checkpoint in Maine. Trump's Iran stance 'has disturbing similarities to Iraq war build-up'. Middle East. Journalist who threw shoes at Bush runs for office in Iraqi elections.

Barbara Bush brought honest and grandmotherly style to Washington 'What you see with me is what you get. Former US first lady Barbara Bush dies, aged Former First Lady Barbara Bush in 'failing health,' says family statem. Trump defends boasting 'mission accomplished' over Syria air strikes. Kim and Trump 'don't agree on what denuclearisation is', expert warns. New book reveals top assassination methods preferred by Israeli spies.

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Is Trump really the worst President: a walk through Washington reveals. Trump 'starts working day at 11am - later than at start of presidency'. Donald Trump plays golf almost three times as much as Barack Obama. Donald Trump 'employing private golf club members' in government jobs. George W Bush paved the way for Donald Trump.

Why Obama and Bush's synchronised attacks on Donald Trump matter. Obama and Bush launch dual coded attacks on Trump. Obama photographer blasts Trump claim he never called troop relatives. Tony Blair says he regrets siding with Israel over Hamas in Barack Obama is coming back to politics after leaving White House. Trump says 'I won't fail' on North Korea - unlike previous presidents. Obama, Bush and Clinton manage to avoid Trump at golf tournament.

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Donald Trump defies calls to appoint envoy to combat anti-Semitism The President is legally required to appoint a Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat anti-Semitism, but the office is set to become completely unstaffed next month. Can environmental documentaries actually save the planet? George W Bush's ethics lawyer calls for Trump's impeachment. His measured response to upheaval in Eastern Europe drew complaints that he was not seizing the reins of history. But he chose a collaborative approach, working with the Soviet leader Mikhail S.

Gorbachev to allow for the reunification of Germany, the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War.

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Baker III, the former secretary of state and Mr. In his first year at the White House, Mr. Bush sent troops into Panama to oust its strongman, Gen. Manuel Antonio Noriega. It was the pinnacle of his presidency, yet it lulled him, not to mention some potentially formidable Democrats, into assuming his re-election was certain. Iraq was not an unalloyed victory. Bush felt compelled to defend his decision to suspend the assault before it could topple Mr.

Hussein, and his critics questioned his earlier effort to give Mr.

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Hussein financial aid and intelligence data. Still, foreign policy successes were the hallmark of his presidency. Not so his domestic record. By the midpoint of his term, leaders of both the Republican and Democratic Parties complained that in the midst of the worst economy any American president had faced since the end of World War II, Mr. Bush had no domestic agenda. Many questioned his sensitivity to the worries of ordinary Americans. His signal domestic decision was almost certainly the budget deal , which sought to address deepening deficits by raising taxes on the wealthy.

No new taxes. That promise had been delivered to roars of approval in his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention in New Orleans, and the turnabout provoked a chorus of reproach. Conservative Republicans revolted. Democrats found an opening for a bruising attack. And the stage was set for an unexpectedly strong third-party challenge by Mr. Perot, a fellow Texan who had made his fortune in computers. Bush told Mr. Meacham years later as he assessed the damage he had suffered from breaking his campaign pledge. Barely a year after the world had hailed his success in Iraq, Mr.

Bush found himself almost losing the Republican presidential primary in New Hampshire to the conservative commentator Patrick J.

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Bush won the nomination but was weakened by the Buchanan challenge and accordingly veered sharply to the right. He then lost to Mr. Bush and Mr.

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Clinton a majority. By any yardstick, Mr. Bush was an aristocrat, a product of moneyed Greenwich, Conn. As a candidate, he was known to ask his Secret Service detail to stop at traffic lights. He wrote enough thank-you notes, courtesy cards and letters of sympathy — Mr. Bush seemed to know someone in every town in America — to fill a book, literally. Bush , had taught him the importance of modesty. But the patrician image also hurt him politically.

He drew barbs for his drawing-room mannerisms and expressions. He later insisted that he had not been surprised. In a debate during the campaign , Mr.