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I always thought I had been born a hundred years too late, but I do appreciate air conditioning, computers and other conveniences of modern day living. I love the slower pace of New Bern, North Carolina as well as the history and small town community. Imagine a neighborhood where people wave at one another and keep eye out for the children.

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The deep-as-a-well-in-the-desert voice did not belong to her uncle, who was supposed to be guarding the door. Knowing she could no longer ignore him, she turned only her head and upper body toward the door behind her. A big, hot, sexy-looking man who radiated power with each breath stood just inside the doorway. He was big, tanned, gorgeous, and looked like he worked hard for all the rippling muscles his bare chest under the open black leather vest showed off. Sasha swallowed hard, but did not have a plausible explanation for him. Antony was supposed to keep everyone out until she had posted her signs and slipped out the back door.

To keep her out of trouble such as this while helping her fulfill her deepest desires, no matter how crazy the rest of the family thought she was? A shiver raced through her before she looked at the rest of his face.

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His jet-black hair was cut short and neatly styled, accentuating the strong lines of his face. Her pussy wept as she realized this was exactly the kind of man she was looking for. Her brain went blank instead of coming up with an excuse that would not have him rolling on the floor with laughter right before he had her thrown her out of the club. With an impatient huff, her inquisitor stalked toward her.

Blinking, her gaze dropped to his bare chest. If only she had the guts to reach out and touch the tanned flesh. But she knew that was the last thing a submissive looking for a Dominant to take her under command should do. Such a bold move might get her strung up and spanked by anyone with a yen to do so. The man moved so close his cologne wrapped around her, causing her nipples to leap to attention as well. She lifted her gaze back to his face. He stared down at her with a blank, unreadable expression.

He stopped with only inches between them. He held her gaze for another few long seconds before reaching over her shoulder to pull down the sign she had just taped there. As he read it, the backbone she thought had been ground into dust by her ex-husband snapped back into place. His dark-as-a-moonless-night voice flowed through her, melting her momentarily willfulness like ice in the heat of a North Carolina summer.

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Sasha snapped her jaw shut in response to his order as the clenching between her legs squeezed even tighter. Arousal like nothing she had ever felt before rolled through her. No one had ever brought her to this level of sexual hunger with just a few words.

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He read her lengthy notice, and then, without a word, folded it and slid it in to the back pocket of his jeans. Though Sasha could not imagine what he was planning to do with it, she was fairly certain she did not want to hang around to find out. As if reading her mind, the big man wrapped the fingers of one large hand around her upper arm, stopping her before she could make good on the thought of escape. Instead of releasing her, the man turned to the closest urinal. Using his free hand, he opened his jeans and pulled his cock out. Apparently he did not care that she was standing right beside him.