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Last but not least, maintaining a dev team dedicated to the product means we could constantly react to feedback with patches and hot-fixes. Thanks to that kind of ongoing development potential, new customers, and people who wishlisted your product see that it hasn't been abandoned -- that makes the buying decision easier to make. Reaching people who still don't have your game is all about taking new opportunities. You want to be on the virtual shelves of every retailer and be featured in subscription services.

Owners of those services will give you additional visibility while marketing their monthly offers.

Game Overview

Not every gamer uses multiple services. Some of them simply don't know about your game being on Steam because they even don't have a Steam account.

Secondly, adapt your game to best fit the given market needs. For most developers China looked like a big opportunity, and we decided to take it on full-scale. This War of Mine was available in China from day one, but the Chinese language was added in February -- almost 18 months later.

Thanks to localisation, and other marketing activities like events presence and media relations, we managed to raise the sales in the region significantly. People like to test the game before diving into their wallets. A free weekend on Steam is another splendid opportunity. We've had free weekends for several titles and observed not only a lot of incoming customers, but also people that bought the game earlier coming back to it, and often buying some DLC in addition.

Plus, free weekends always catch the attention of the media, and it's a pure benefit for the recognition of your games. It isn't secret knowledge that most gamers hunt for price drops.


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Sales are probably as old as trade itself, and in our market they are also evergreen. What is most interesting is that, during This War of Mine sales, about a third of buyers decide to go straight for the bundles; they bought Complete Edition with all the DLC, or a double-pack with Frostpunk.

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And that's great to know, since DLC sales are still a bit of mystery -- even ingenious things like the Steam Spy can't track them down. But when players see a really fair deal they tend to spend more. Trusted community members can also help during sales.

Encouraging livestreams to happen while your game is discounted can push you onto Steam's main page for another portion of visibility. But don't think in terms of a "one-off jackpot" -- This War of Mine's market lifespan shows it's not true that indie games are selling only during their first year. You don't want to rush with high discounts and devalue your game.

Once you go with a high price cut, there is no turning back both in the eyes of your fanbase and partners. Marketing director Patryk Grzeszczuk on building a bigger audience on consoles, and taking the Frostpunk universe beyond the strategy genre.

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Adding layers to the product "We managed to do what was believed not possible for indies; keeping the sales steady despite being on the market for a long time" During that time we have sought new audiences constantly. Who still doesn't have your game? It involves hacking, spreading propaganda through social media, intellectual property theft, and stealing military secrets.

We are fighting this invisible war every day. And we, as a nation, need to do more to protect ourselves against these advanced adversaries. He served as an agent at the U. Air Force Office of Special Investigations. The world that Chris describes is unlike anything you will hear about in mainstream media outlets.

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  4. The truth is, we have several highly trained, smart teams of people in our government and private sector who get up every day to go fight this war on our behalf, but their job is incredibly tough. The main reason is that virtually every American is a target. In a world where just about everyone has a cellphone, laptop, or other device which connects to a Wi-Fi network that many other people are connected to it can be relatively easy for a thief — or attacker — to gather a tremendous amount of valuable information.

    Imagine the amount of valuable intelligence that passes over the Wi-Fi networks of Washington, D.