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Round all of this out by memorizing the Code of Conduct. If you don't know how to swim, try to learn before you leave for boot camp.

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Before you graduate, you'll have to demonstrate basic swimming skills. Don't bring anything with you to boot camp except your important papers such as driver's license, social security card, and banking information , and the clothes on your back. Everything you need will be issued to you. For non-issue items, it will be issued, and the cost taken out of your pay. Over-the-counter medication is not allowed in basic training. If you bring any with you, it will be taken away. All prescription medication will be re-evaluated by a military doctor upon arrival.

If the doctor determines that the prescription is necessary, the civilian medication will be taken away, and the recruit will be re-issued the medication by the military pharmacy. It includes birth control pills for women. Women are usually encouraged to continue taking birth control pills during basic training, if they took them before going to basic, to maintain their regular cycle.

Pads and tampons are readily available, and women use them and continue with training. Bathroom breaks are given often enough that changing pads or tampons are not a problem. The first stop is at Recruit Receiving, where recruits spend the first few days of their recruit training experience. During this time, recruits will also be given a full medical and dental screening, and take the Initial Strength Test. This test consists of a one and a half mile run, sit-ups and pull-ups to test recruits to see if they're in shape to begin training.

You'll most likely begin the process late at night, or in the early morning hours. The other services do quick processing and allow you to rack out for the rest of the night. In the Marine Corps, you'll be up the entire first night and all of the next day. During this day and a half, you'll complete paperwork processing and will be issued initial uniforms and field gear and various needed personal items which will come from the PX.

These items will be deducted from your pay. You'll spend between 3 and 5 days in Receiving. You cannot wear contact lenses during basic training. You also cannot wear your civilian glasses, once you have been issued your official government-issue glasses. Upon completion, Marines proceed to their MOS-specific school.

In Infantry Training Battalion ITB , infantry MOS 03XX Marines receive 59 days of training in infantry skills, including advanced marksmanship, combat patrolling, land navigation, and a wide array of other infantry skills.


Fitness Conditioning And Training For Combat Survival.

Upon completion of ITB, newly qualified Marine infantrymen proceed to their assigned units. Armed Forces, the U. Training lasts approximately eight weeks although some recruits will spend as many as nine weeks in training due to the somewhat complicated processing cycle.

Days are counted by a system that lists the week and day that they are on, for example, for week 7 day 3. The first approximate week is counted P-1, P-2, etc. Recruits are instructed on military drill, basic seamanship, basic shipboard damage control, firefighting, familiarization with the M9 pistol and Mossberg shotgun the Navy no longer gives instruction on the M16 in boot camp , pass the confidence chamber tear-gas-filled chamber , PT, and the basic essentials on Navy life.

Recruits also attend many classes throughout boot camp on subjects such as Equal Opportunity, Sexual Assault Victim Intervention, Uniform Code of Military Justice , recognition of naval aircraft and vessels, and more. In order for recruits to pass boot camp, they are physically and mentally tested on a hour exercise called Battle Stations which consists of 12 different scenarios involving firefighting, first-aid knowledge, survival at sea, mass casualties, shipboard flood control, bomb detection, and many other skills that they have been learning in the previous 7 weeks.

After completion of boot camp, freshly minted Sailors are sent either to various "A" Schools located across the United States—where they begin training to receive their ratings jobs —or to apprenticeship training, where they then enter the fleet without a designation. The U. BMT is 63 calendar days long. Formerly, trainees were referred to as "Airman" from day one of BMT.

This has been changed; now, personnel are referred to as Trainees until the Airman's Coin Ceremony in the eighth week of training, when they receive their Airman's Coin. Reserve component enlistees receive the same training as their active-duty counterparts. The stripes are not worn until graduation, though trainees are paid at the higher pay grade.

Unlike the Army and Navy, but like the Marine Corps throughout boot camp and Coast Guard during the first section of boot camp , trainees are required to refer to all Airmen, enlisted and NCO's as well as commissioned and warrant officers, as "sir" or "ma'am".

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An additional 2 weeks of BMT was added to the program on November 1, , extending the duration of BMT from six and a half weeks to eight and a half weeks. BMT has been tailored to incorporate some of the additional warfighting skills to coincide with increased Air Expeditionary Force AEF rotations and more frequent support of its sister services during those rotations. Trainees still stay at Lackland for eight and half weeks, however, the eighth week following graduation they are moved to a more relaxed environment under a program called Airman's Week, which is designed to transition trainees to technical training.

Recruit training for the U.

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Coast Guard recruit basic training offers an additional, abbreviated, route to serve as an enlisted member of the Fleet. The training also covers basic seamanship, drill, military bearing and firefighting. Due to the Coast Guard's unique mission set — including CONUS and OCONUS defense operations, search and rescue and maritime law enforcement — there are added requirements to maintain high physical fitness standards and intense military bearing. Due to its extremely unusual, diverse and difficult mission, the U.

Coast Guard is the most selective in recruiting and training standards. As an example, the Coast Guard Academy is the only service academy that uses competitive admissions for prospective officer candidates.

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During their time at Cape May, recruits are subjected to the usual "boot camp" atmosphere of direct instruction and intense motivation. They must adhere to strict rules such as hygiene and uniform regulations and obey all lawful orders. Coast Guard companies have approximately two or three company commanders and anywhere from 20 to over recruits. After completing boot camp, recruits can select their rate and then attend an "A" school.

Not all graduates go straight to "A" school, many spend time in the fleet as "non-rates". Some rates have an available apprenticeship training option instead of attending an "A" school, known as "striking". Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses. Home FAQ Contact. Recruit training Wikipedia open wikipedia design.

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