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They often pass up opportunities and are great at coming up with excuses why certain things can't be done. They prefer to sit by the sidelines but always wonder why others are able to pull off the very things they can't seem to. People who make things happen seem to share certain admirable characteristics people in the other two groups lack.

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They are go-getters and know that if anything is to be, it's really up to them. The following are characteristics I have observed people in this group to have. They are confident - They believe in themselves and their abilities, nothing is ever impossible to them. They have tremendous self-esteem and usually don't need others to validate them or show them their greatness.

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They aren't afraid to get their "hands dirty" - They do whatever it takes to accomplish their dreams. If they have to take up a second job so that they can save up to purchase their dream home, they do it. If they have to cut back on social activities so that they can pursue a college degree, they do it. Unlike most people, they are willing to make sacrifices even if it means being uncomfortable for a while.

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They don't talk, they DO - They have mastered the art of taking action and letting results speak for themselves. They have a plan which they usually work discretely.

While others are busy talking about they want to do, they are usually busy DOING the things that need to be done. They have a healthy sense of urgency - They don't put off for tomorrow what they can accomplish today and don't allow procrastination to rob them of opportunities. They don't wait for opportunities to present themselves, they create them - You snooze, you lose is their mantra.

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They believe that some opportunities are hard to come by and don't always present themselves; they create opportunities where and when they see fit. They are resilient - They don't give up in the face of adversity. They may stumble and even fall but they don't stay down for long. So plan ahead for that moment. If you find yourself zoned out and daydreaming, let it happen. You might, for example, be hit with a bolt of inspiration, or see that path to your goals more clearly.

It would be great if all it took was a moment's visualization and, just like that, your goals were realized.

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But, as you know, it'll take some honest hard work , too. As Rappaport says, "Look at your list of goals and your timeline. See what is the next logical step on your path and see what steps you need to take to move that one along.

Then do it. Or ask for that promotion? Or change a bad habit?

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The answer is probably yes. While you definitely want to write down your goals , and create a timeline in which to achieve them, you don't necessarily want to make a long, winding, never-ending to-do list. Stephania Sciamano tells Bustle. And then avoid it at all costs. Always keep your goals tucked away in the back of your head, but also think and act as if they've already been achieved.

A simple and effective guide to turning your dreams into reality by taking matters into your own hands, filled with down-to-earth tips and easy exercises. Writing can even help you understand what you want.

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In this book, you will read stories about ordinary people who witnessed miracles large and small unfold in their lives after they performed the basic act of putting their dreams on paper. With Write It Down, Make It Happen you can find the perfect mate, buy your dream house, get a great new job, wake up happier, travel the world, or even have a better relationship with your teenager. See more books recommended by: Ovidiu Drugan.