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Catch up with them in the next week or so, if you can. Saturday performances begin at 2pm and weekday evening performances begin at 7pm.

Wind Dancers

A former marketing executive, Bodnar also paints and writes, and after studying Middle Eastern dance for several years, she decided to teach it to others, which eventually led to dance performances. The dance is serene and enchanting. Body movements are enhanced by scarves and footwork, and the entire body becomes one with the music.

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Her classes push toward endless possibility. Get out to your local library to catch Mary and her dancers in action. Worse, the elves themselves were not immune to the disease. Fewer than 50 elves were sufficiently strong enough to cook, tend the remaining kanks and tribe members, and stand guard. The horde was the largest number of thri-kreen the Wind Dancers had ever seen assembled. Perhaps some similar disaster had befallen the insect-men, for never had so many of them banded together before. They were hungry and desperate, and the Wind Dancers were a feast set before them.

Between the disease and the hungry thri-kreen, the Wind Dancers lost all their remaining kanks and most of their numbers. Of 2, elves, only survived the twin plagues. There was some retribution, however: the disease ravaged their thri-kreen attackers a few weeks later, killing large numbers of the insect men. Until the Wind Dancers tribe can rebuild itself, it must do whatever it can to survive.

Wind Dancers

Now, with hungry mouths to feed and few choices on how to accomplish this, the elves have turned to raiding. While the majority of the tribe hopes to return to herding, a small but vocal minority has enjoyed taking sustenance by force. They are determined that raiding shall be the new road to follow in the elves; journey through the nows.

Santhaal Wind Dancer took command of those elves who escaped the vicious thri-kreen attack. She forced them past their despair and onto a productive course of action. They needed a strong leader who could inspire them if they were to survive the nows to come. Santhaal decided she was the elf for the job. After gathering the survivors and organizing the first successful raid, she was declared chief. Only two clans remain of the five that originally made up the Wind Dancers tribe.

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The handful of members of the other clans that survived have been assimilated into the two clans by order of Santhaal. Even though the two clans continue to maintain separate leaders, Santhaal makes them operate together by intermingling members in the same raiding parties. As far as the chief is concerned, Airhunters and Breezechasers must be as one clan if the Wind Dancers tribe is going to survive.

For a tribe of simple herders turned raiders, the leadership that warriors can provide takes precedence over every other concern. Parties can be combined when larger numbers are needed. In such cases, Santhaal her- self operates as raid master, or she assigns a leader to com- mand the combined forces. After spending more than a year on the run and subsist- ing on starvation rations, the Wind Dancers have begun to make a name for themselves as capable raiders. They do not yet inspire the levels of fear and terror associated with the Black Sand Raiders or the Silt Stalkers, but the traders south of Tyr have learned to be wary of this desper- ate tribe of elves.

In the wake of the ravaging plague and the subsequent attack by thri-kreen hunters, the tribe was reduced to few possessions, almost no supplies, and less than a quarter of its number.

Wind Dancers

The elves literally had to start from scratch. While things have gotten better than they were in the dark days that witnessed their desperate flight from the thri-kreen, the Wind Dancers remain on the brink of extinction. During a recent raid on Fort Adros, the Wind Dancers were ambushed by gith warriors. The fort, located about 35 miles north of the Lost Oasis, opened its gates so that a caravan carrying gold bound for Altaruk could exit. As the caravan moved away from the protection of the fort, the Wind Dancers swarmed out of the wastes. The raid was going smoothly when the gith decided to attack.

They came out of the mountains north of the Lost Oasis, seek- ing to take what the elves had fought for. The three-way battle ended with the elves and gith running off with about a third of the cargo each. The rest was carried back to the fort by the remaining members of the caravan.

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This was the lat- est incident in the growing conflict between the Wind Dancers and the Blood Clan gith of the southern wastes. To bolster the strength of the Wind Dancers, Santhaal has allowed outcasts from other elf tribes to join her raiders. The newest of these outcast elves is a defiler named Duukodo. Many of the tribe members feel uncomfortable with this addition, for the tribe has tradi- tionally been home to preserver magic.

Wind Dancers®

His vocal protests could force Santhaal to choose between her chief cleric and the new magic-user. The small trading post on the edge of the Ringing Mountains has been receiving large shipments from the Forest Ridge, and Santhaal wants to plunder as much as she can before the caravans arrive from Balic to haul the goods away. All outsiders, with the exception of outcasts from other elf tribes, are looked upon as enemies or sources of plunder by the elves of the Wind Dancers tribe.

Elven outcasts are offered a place in the tribe if they agree to swear loyalty to Santhaal. The initiation process does include a number of tests of loyalty, many of which Santhaal administers herself.